Do ticket products online, but do not know

Do you want to sell services and higher ticket products online, but do not know how to get conversions? These are the 4 ways to make great ticket sales on your website.Many people sell products and services for $ 5, $ 10 online. But when you have products or services that are thousands of dollars, you have to sell them differently. This is because it is not easy to convince someone to discount your credit card or send you thousands of dollars.The first thing you should do is collect e-mails.If you do not collect emails, you can not establish a relationship with visitors to your website.The difference between selling something cheap or expensive is that when you sell something for an expensive amount of dollars, you need to feel comfortable with yourself and get to know it.By collecting an email address, you can meet visitors and readers of your website over time. You can send them by e-mail, send them with information, case studies and success stories.In this way, they feel comfortable with you, with your product and your service, and are much more likely to buy your expensive product or service.If you’re trying to find out how to collect emails, you can use Hello Bar to do it. It’s simple and it’s free. The possibilities with Hello Bar are endless.The second strategy you need to follow is to lead people to a webinar. See, when someone signs up for a webinar and instructs you for 30, 45 minutes, and then sells them in your product or service, you’re more likely to buy it.If you look at my websites, I have many options when it comes to webinar recordings. My home page has a webinar option. That little thing allows people to know me from 45 minutes to an hour.The third strategy I have for you is to use long sales pages. If you look at my advisory page, you will notice that I am telling a story. When I tell a story and complete cases of study and results, there are testimonies, they make me feel much more comfortable and are more likely to buy.And when you use long sales pages or even short sales pages with storytelling, you must always include case studies and testimonials. Otherwise, people are less likely to become potential customers or payers, particularly for high ticket prices.And last but not least, if someone becomes a potential customer or tries to buy online, you want to try to follow them with a sales representative.Because if someone buys you once, you can increase your sales in more products or services. Or if they become leaders, their sales representatives can get on the phone with them, make a personalized presentation and get them to approach a customer.This is by far the best price for earning money online.