Do truly a man’s best friend. In this

Do you have dogs? Is a dog your best friends? What happens when you fight with your best friend? Even if they can speak the same language as you; does it have the same effect on you?  Many of you have probably seen or even have a dog. Dogs are truly a man’s best friend. In this case the friendship will be tested by how much love they both have for each other, and how fast one will break to try and get the other back. BEEP! “Finally it’s morning,” thought Ben. Ben raced down the stairs. His long bushy black hair everywhere! He hadn’t even got dressed when he shouted, “Lets GOOO! It’s time to get  my dog! Ben has been waiting 3 months for this day. His parents both still in their PJs looked at each other and just smiled. They were not as excited as Ben was because they knew that they would have to do a lot of the cleaning with the dog. When they finally got the dog home Ben went straight into training the dog. As he was training the dog he noticed that the dog would twitch every once and awhile while it was walking. Ben knew just the name for his dog. Ben raced into the house shouting, “I’ve got the perfect name! I know what I’m going to name my dog!” His parents tired of all the yelling ask, “And what is that?” Ben quick with his answer tells them how his dog twitches every once and awhile; so he has decided to name his dog Twitch. Twitch was an all white pear bread English Golden Retriever. She had 2 different colored eye, one was blue and the other brown. She was short and her ears were droopy. Twitch was everything Ben could ask for in a dog. Two years have passed since Ben and Twitch became best friends. Now they do everything together. Until now when Ben and his mom will have to discuss what it means to be grown up and stay calm and figure things out.   It was a nice and sunny day out. Ben and Twitch where playing there usual game of fetch with a little tug war mixed in with it. When Twitch all the sudden wouldn’t come back to Ben. “Twitch get over here!” shoughted Ben. Twitch just looked at him and stayed where he was. “Twitch come on!” Ben again shoughted. Still Twitch just looked at him and started walking farther away.Ben not knowing what to do ran after Twitch. That just made things worse because Twitch started running away. Soon Bens stopped running and went back into the house. His parents confused why Twitch wasn’t with Ben asked, “Where is Twitch? You never leave him outside alone.”Ben angry that Twitch wouldn’t listen said, “Well sometimes people change and things change.” Ben’s mom far from impressed said, “Go outside and get your dog now.” Ben refusing said, “NO! He can stay out there till he learns to listen again.””Ben you need to grow up and go get your dog. NOW!” said his mom angry this time. Ben quick to answer told her, “NO! I’m done with him.” With the most heartbroken and mad look Ben walked up to his room; with his mom close behind him.”Ben you need to go get Twitch before he runs to far away.” Ben’s mom tried to reason with him.Ben still angry and not wanting to do what his mom was saying said, “If you want him so bad you can go get him.” Ben’s mom less than impressed stormed out of his room and walked outside to go get Twitch. After she had looked for almost an hour she finally fond Twitch sitting at the park were Twitch and Ben had gone everyday since Ben got her. She brought the dog home and stormed into Ben’s room with the dog. “Your dog just went to the park that you have taken her to everyday since you got her. Maybe before you get mad and assume things you should figure out what’s actually going on.” Ben’s mom was so mad he just walked away. Ben feeling awful ran to Twitch,  gave her the biggest hug ever and said, “I’m so sorry Twitch! You are my best friend; I don’t know what I would do without you! Please forgive me.” Twitch sat down and looked at Ben. Within seconds twitch barked and licked Ben on the face. From that day on Ben and Twitch never fought again. They stayed best friends until the day came teh Twitch had to be on her way and go to doggy heaven.