Donut transformation. Toroidal transformation has been shown to


            Donut shaped
particles, referred to as toroidal particles, are particles that have
completely buckled or invaginated. Toroidal shapes have been shown to form from
the buckling on one side of the droplet followed by the buckling on the other
side of the droplet. The two cavities meet in the middle of the droplet
resulting in the final toroidal shapei
This was found in a single droplet experiment using an acoustic levitator, so
acoustic streaming forces could have been responsible for non-uniform shell
thicknesses and therefore the transformation from sphere to toroid.15


there has been research into controlling toroidal transformation. Toroidal
transformation has been shown to occur at higher drying temperatures due to the
increased size and hollowness in particles formed at these temperatures.ii iii The
transformation can also be influenced by the polydispersity of the
nanoparticles within the droplet, as an increase in polydispersity gives a
decrease of rearrangement of the nanoparticles during the drying. This
transformation relieves strain on the shell.iv

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