Dramatic Monologue – Flashback

Dramatic Monologue
A form of dramatic poetry in which the speaker describes a crucial moment in his or her life to a silent listener-and in the process reveals much about his or her own character

A serious poem of lament, usually mourning a death or other great loss

An individual’s close identification with a person, place or thing, as when audience members experience the same emotions as a character in a play

the continuation of a sentence from one line of a poem to another

A long narrative poem that recounts, in formal language, the exploits of a larger-than-life hero

A short, witty poem; a saying

A concluding statement or section added to a work of literature

A moment of sudden realization of the true meaning of a situation, person, or object

A tombstone inscription or brief poem composed in memory of someone who has died

A brief phrase that is used to characterize a person, place or thing

A short piece of nonfiction writing in which the author presents his or her view on a particular topic

A brief story used as an example to illustrate a moral point

Extended metaphor
a metaphor that compares two unlike things in various ways throughout a paragraph, stanza, or selection

A very brief, often humorous, story intended to teach a lesson about human behavior or to give advice on how to behave

A type of comedy with ridiculous situations, characters, and events

A narrative in which situations and characters are invented by the writer

Figurative Language
Language that is not meant to be interpreted literally and is used for descriptive effect, often to imply ideas indirectly

Figure of speech
A specific device or kind of figurative language

A narrative passage set in an earlier time that interrupts the chronological order of the rest of a story

A quotation from another work that suggests a theme, or main idea, of the work at hand