Dramatic Poetry

difference between dramatic and narrative poetry
dramatic poetry has no plot

extended metaphor
shown in 7 Ages, entire poem is a metaphor, develops throughout poem

1st Age of Man
infant mewling and puking

2nd Age of Man
whining schoolboy going unwillingly to school

3rd Age of Man
lover with a sad story for his mistress, lost in thoughts

4th Age of Man
soldier, good shape, aggressive, ambitious

5th Age of Man
judge/justice, fair, healthy, wise, looks authoritative, advises people

6th Age of Man
pantaloon, older man, growing weak, midlife crisis

7th Age of Man
old man that lost his teeth, sight, and taste, second childishness

depiction of stages of man

theme of 7 Ages
people play the same parts in life, its a cycle

tone of 7 Ages

structure of Rose Garden
triplets, short lines

diction of Rose Garden
simple, formal

rhyme scheme in both
7 Ages- free verseRose Garden- mostly iambic

tone in Rose Garden
serious, ironic, polite

theme in Rose Garden
death is inevitable and the great equalizer

what gardener says in Rose Garden
he encountered death in the garden, says he is going to quit, wants to see sons and California, he is scared

why does gardener want to see California
get a fresh start, contrast death

what does master say in Rose Garden
tries to kick death out of garden, he confronts death

what does death say in Rose Garden
he knew masters dad and were friends so he is welcome, didn’t come for the gardener but the master

what is mewling an example of

what is “sighing like furnace” an example of

what is “creeping like snail” an example of

what is “sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything” an example of

what is “shrunk shrank” an example of

what is death an example of

what is “black coat, black gloves, and broad black hat” an example of (3 things)
imagery, repetition, alliteration

what is stranger gardener and example of
eye rhyme

when death says he wants the master, this is an example of

what is “i want to see my sons…i want to see California” an example of

what is the title of “Incident in a Rose Garden” and example of