Each Islam? Faith – Shahadah: is the first

Each community has its own fundamental pillars, which
are based on them, as well as Islamic community that is based on Islamic Law.
The rules of Islamic Law have been revealed by God to Prophet Muhammad to teach
it to the people. People who wish to enter Islam must know these basic rules
that move from the circle of infidelity to the circle of Islam, so what are the
pillars of Islam?


Faith – Shahadah: is the first pillar of Islam. A
person cannot be a Muslim without worshiping God alone and Prophet Muhammad as
his messenger. Also, believing that God alone is the creator and the ruler of
all matters of life such as present and absent.

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Prayer – Salat/Salah which is the second pillar of
Islam. It is the pillar of religion and it is not correct for a human to get in
Islam without believing in the necessity of performing it and any shortfall by
the human will be held accountable on the Day of Resurrection. God imposed on
the Muslims five prayers a day and the more the Muslim prays the more he gets a
reward from God.

Charity: Zakat is the third pillar of Islam. It is
kind of charity giving treated in Islam as a religious obligation or tax, and
it is important pillar after prayer pillar. It is a religious obligation for
all Muslims who have the necessary standard of wealth. It is a specific
percentage of someone’s extra wealth above the necessities of life that must be
given to the poor people and those in need.

Fasting – Sawm: is the fourth pillar of Islam. Fasting
is the abstention from the thing, whether it is eating, drinking, bad words,
desires, and bad deeds. The rule of fasting is obligatory on Muslims, and the
conditions of fasting include an adult, sane and pure. There are circumstances
that allow Muslims not to fast like elderly people who are unable to bear
fasting, pregnant women, breastfeeding, sickness and long-distance travel.

Pilgrimage or Hajj is the fifth and final pillar of
Islam. It is visiting Mecca and performing Hajj. It is a duty that must be
performed when capable. It is obligatory for every Muslim who is capable and
should undertake it at least once in life. It is one of the most beloved
pillars of God. When Hajj is properly performed by a Muslim, he is pure from
sins just like he was just born.


In my opinion, all the pillars of Islam are important
because they prove that one is well and obedient to god. All pillars continue
one another and the pillars of Islam differentiate it from other religions.
Moreover, Each pillar works to strengthen the Muslim’s faith and helps it to
obey Allah including all aspects of a Muslim’s life from his morals, relations,
behavior, even food, and clothing. Furthermore, No Muslim is considered to be a
Muslim unless he comes to these pillars and believes in them, and these pillars
are distinguished by their visible appearance.