Earth’s across the globe. These rises in temperature

Earth’s consistently rising
temperature of the earth’s atmosphere is also known as climate change or global
warming. These conditions are largely attributed to human activities and our
environment of industrialization. With the process of industrialization in the
way of our developing world’s concerns, climate change goes unnoticed by so
many individuals and with that it is potentially the most environmental concern
we have today. The lists of causes of climate change is so extensive that us
humans have a hard time keeping track. The causes of climate change have been
traced to our human actions, with particulars being linked to the excessive
burning of fossil fuels and rapid deforestation across the globe. Burning
fossil fuels release greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into the
atmosphere causing a layer to form around the atmosphere, preventing the sun’s
heat from reflecting back into space and thus, contributing to increased global
temperatures. Rapid deforestation contributes to this process as carbon dioxide
consumes vegetation, leading to an excess of greenhouse gases in our

change specifically presents a challenge to our human population by threatening
the very survival of our species and others across the globe. These rises in
temperature are connected to very unstable climate patterns, which melt the
polar caps and glaciers of the Canadian Arctic and remaining Arctic across the
globe, which also threaten to rising sea levels and reduced amounts of fresh
water. Therefore, climate change as a concerning condition, must be apprehended
and corrected with policies and promising actions before our growing human
population and other species are affected with such a tragedy. The most notable
population is the Inuit people of Northern Canada. If Inuit communities are
being deprived of their traditional lifestyle of hunting, fishing and
gathering, due to climate change, then how are these people going to provide
the necessary resources and nutrients required to maintain health or survive.