Eating large amount of food in a limited

Eating disorders are an issue that is
effecting individuals all over the world and can affect people that range from
young children to adults. In today’s western society, several young children
and adults are impacted by eating disorders. The issue of eating disorders,
which has the ability to change, isn’t given enough importance and seriousness
within our generation and society today. Eating disorders are a type of illness
that leads to irregular eating patterns due to the fact that an individual is
overly concerned about their weight and appearance. The different types of
eating disorders include, anorexia nervosa, bulimia and binge-eating. Anorexia
nervosa is when an individual has a fear of gaining too much weight and doesn’t
maintain a healthy body weight according to their age, sex and physical health.
Their belief that they are overweight leads to them not eating a great deal of
food. They also do not realize the issues that their low body weight can cause.
Bulimia nervosa is when an individual consumes an abnormally large amount of
food in a limited time period. When consuming the food, they feel like they
don’t have control over how much they are eating and what they’re doing. To be
able to avoid gaining weight these individuals tend to vomit, use laxatives, or
use medications to help control their weight.  Binge-eating disorder
is again consuming an abnormally large amount of food over a small period and ­­­feeling
out of control while doing so. This can mean that the individual eats faster
than a regular person, continues eating more even after feeling full and even
though they are not hungry, they still eat a wholesome of food and so on.

There are several different factors
that can lead to an individual feeling this way and feeling like they must
resort to eating less or eating more. One factor that might not be controllable
is that an eating disorder can be heritable. This means that an individual can
get an eating disorder through a genetic component. Furthermore, in module two
we discussed the sociocultural impacts on eating disorders and societal
pressures that women face. It acknowledges that there has been a trend where
being thinner is a more ideal look than any other. I leant that these disorders
are multidetermined implying that there’s not just one factor that can cause a
disorder it can be multiple things like family, culture, society, and possibly
western culture. Western culture is a generalized term describing the social
norms beliefs, customs, and values that was originated from western countries
that people pursue.

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what we see in the media and how it portrays eating disorders is a big issue
and can negatively impact anyone with an eating disorder. All throughout social
media we see people assuming eating disorders can just be resolved and individuals
can start eating normally and get better. The seriousness of this is oblivious
to people and it can lead to a negative impact on someone’s life. It is not an
individual’s choice whether they can get rid of the disorder they have or not.
People don’t realize there are many aspects of these disorders and it is more
an emotional concern rather than physical. The negative comments will make
these people seem really uneducated about the disorder because to someone with
anorexia they will be told to just ‘eat something’. Someone with bulimia or
binge eating will be told to just exercise instead of throwing up. It makes the
individual with the disorder seem like it’s not important or doesn’t matter.
These people have this image sit in mind and regardless of what people anyone
says they will continue to eat less or more. I read somewhere online that if
someone says that their eating disorder is a choice then it’s similar to if an individual
who is an addict says they can stop whenever they want.

we see all over social media images that are shown of what an ideal male or
female should look like and if they don’t people will bash them for their
differences. An eating disorder will cause people to be so obsessed with how they
look and what they eat and, when they go online and see that they don’t look
the way models or social media personalities do it makes them even more
self-conscious. An example that supports this is the print advertisement I used
by Victoria’s secret. These images were posted all over social media and at
their stores for everyone to see. The ad showed images of models that are tall
and thin with a slogan saying the perfect body. People look at this and think
that if that’s not how they look then there not pretty enough or perfect. Majority
of the time the image these people are looking at are not realistic and can be
altered to show people something else. Those models probably have had to go
through a couple hours of getting ready, doing their makeup and hair, and many
more other requirements to do the photoshoot. Social media doesn’t always have
to be used in negative way either. There are many celebrities now and days that
advocate self-love and acceptance. Let’s take Demi Lovato as an example, she is
a well know singer who has an eating disorder and has helped many people
understand what it is and how someone can get help.

 In my opinion, we can also see how being thin
can be an image of being successful. Magazines and other social media sites
show an image of a successful individual and its unrealistic and can lead to
people wanting to be like them. People that are more prone to disorders can get
negatively impacted because it causes them to starve themselves or eat too much
which is very serious.  Being an athlete,
dancer, model, or doing gymnastics can lead to really serious issues due to the
pressure they face to look and be a certain way. We learnt in class about a
study where dancers from a school that gave more importance to dance
weighed way less compared to schools that didn`t give as much importance. They
also weighed less than an average individual their age should. This proves the
idea that if people are thinking and trying to be thinner, it can lead to them
having a serious disorder. These students are told that if they aren’t a
certain weight they won’t be able to succeed in their career.  Even famous singers like Demi Lovato and Lady
Gaga have felt the pressure of looking a certain way and having a particular
body image in mind. Lady Gaga has mentioned that she struggled with anorexia
and bulimia from the age of 15. Demi Lovato has been in the soot light since
she was a child and basically grew up with everyone watching her and giving
their opinions. She has mentioned that she started binge eating and throwing up
when she was around 9 years old. Lovato talks about her family’s history with
disorders but also the fact that she was bullied at school as well. Lovato
released a documentary in 2017 talking about her disorder and depression and
what she went through to overcome it. This document showed how she forced
herself to look certain way because of what society thought she should look
like. This document to me was so powerful in the sense that it helped people
with an eating disorder, depression and bipolar disorder realize that it’s not
the end of the world and that there’s more to this than what they think. She
talks about what she does to help her so she doesn’t go back to how she was
showing people that there are more options. People can have a negative impact
on an individual but there are some that can help them in a positive way to
overcome these problems.

conclusion, we see how there are many ways that social media can impact people
on how they see themselves wither its positive or negative. Society has built into minds that being
thinner is an effective body image. However, some fail to recognize that this
can lead to serious health issues, as they are told that if they are not
presented in certain way in the public they won’t be able to succeed in their
career. We also see how this platform can be used in a positive way to help
others understand what they are dealing with, when they need to get help, and
that they are not alone while going through this. I personally have had my days
where I have looked at someone online and wished that I had that body.
Especially when I go on Instagram and see these Instagram models and see how
successful they got because of how they looked and it just makes me upset. I
have also had times where my own family members who have told me I had needed
to lose weight to look pretty. I have let these thoughts get to me on many
occasions but I have amazing parents and sisters that have loved me as me and
help me realized that I am perfect just the way I am.