Edgar Allan Poe Biography

When was Edgar Allan Poe born?

40 years old
How old was Poe when he died?

unstable b/c poor family, traveling actors, father abandoned family, both parents and siblings died from tuberculosis
Describe Poe’s childhood before adoption

by adding his foster family’s name to his own
How did Edgar Poe become Edgar Allan Poe?

close w/ mothernot close w/ father lived fairly comfortably
Describe Edgar’s relationship with his adoptive mother/father as a boy.

When did Poe write his first poem?

“Last night with many cares & toils oppress’d/weary, I laid me on a couch to rest”
What was the name of his first poem?

a gambling problem
What kind of problem did Poe have in college?

His adoptive father strongly disliked him.
Based on Poe’s final letter to his father, John Allan, how did his father feel about him?

He stated and implied that he desperately wanted a companion or someone to trust.
What did Poe say in the letter?

left Edgar out of his will
When John Allan died on March 27, 1834, what did he do that probably affected Edgar’s life?

his thirteen-year-old 1st cousin: Virginia Clemm
Who did Edgar first love?

more like brother and sister, but happy, loving, and affectionate
Describe their relationship.

was about a man engaged to his cousin who develops an unhealthy obsession with her teeth as she succumbs to a deadly illness
What was the short story “Bernice” about?

“The Murderers in the Rue Morgue”
What was the title of the world’s first detective story?

January 30, 1847
When did Poe’s wife die?

distraught with grief, drinking, depression
Describe Poe after wife’s death.

Poe’s second wife, childhood sweetheart, 3rd person he’d ever proposed to
Who was Elmira Royster Shelton

October 7, 1849
When did Poe die?

found in Baltimore stress unconscious in clothes that didn’t fit him
Explain the circumstances around his death.

drinking? “cooped”? robbed and knocked out? pre-existing illness?
What are the theories surrounding Edgar’s death?

b/c the man that wrote his biography used false information
Explain how Poe’s reputation was tarnished after his death.

b/c the Baltimore Ravens football team is named after Edgar’s poem “The Raven” that was written in Baltimore
How is Poe connected to a football team?