Education there would be no connection with the

encompasses everything. It can take any individual to know what they want to
be. It has the ability to discuss thing beyond what the eyes can see; it
enables what will be the possible things that may happen around them. Without
education, there would be no connection with the past and different aspects
will no longer be notified. Through this, various discoveries will never
recognize and all of what we have in today’s generation will be meaningless and

time evolves, academic performance plays an essential role in education system.
It is not just a numerical record that can be seen by our naked eyes but it
serve as guide as we shape career paths and define individual trajectories.
Different studies were proven that academic performance could be an agent to
reach our satisfaction and fulfilment as individual. Having good academic
performance is considered as one of the stepping stone in trailing the success
that each of one dreamed.

stated by Melissa J. Bell (2012), in educational institutions, success  is measured by academic performance, or how
well a student meets standards set out by local government and the institution
itself. As career competition grows ever fiercer in the working world, the
importance of students doing well in school has caught the attention of
parents, legislators and government education departments alike. Although at
times of failure, it is important to take responsibility and commit to a plan
to change.  A change in which it will hone
the students to be tougher in daily life.

school, the most common way to internalize each lesson and cope up  with the education system is by conducting
different activities such as individual and grouping scheme wherein students
where the one to discover the world of learning. Teachers tend to use these set
up for them to distinguish and classify if each of the students catch up and
fully understand the lesson. This could also their way to nourish their
knowledge and used it for some purposes when they finish their studies.