Egyptian Poetry Powerpoint for Midterm Exam

What is Pastoral Poetry?
poem is one that deals with the pleasures of a simple rural life or that treats the longings and desires of simple people.

What is the persona of a poem?
a simple character.

What is pastoral poetry a type of?
A type of escapist literature that allows highly sophisticated readers to experience free and untroubled life of ordinary people.

Where is pastoral poetry especially present in?
New Kingdom of Egypt, the last great flowering of ancient Egyptian culture

What is pastoral poerty a time of?
great exporation and expansion

What did women enjoy within society?
A greater prestige

Women had…
an equal legal status with men

A feeling that a piece of litature arouses in a person

Sensory appeal
Appealing to the senses

What is the mood of the poem, “Your love…”
Serene, calm, leisurly

Sensory appeal in “Your love…”
Soothing oil, fragrance of incense, tang of grainmeal, wine to the palate

What is the name of the love poem in the Egyptian ?
“Your Love, Dear Man, Is as Lovely to Me”

What do we know about the narrator based on her choice of similes?
The narrator is a woman,Satisfied with her situation because she has been given the most important desire of all—life with her love, Familiar with bathing and fragrances, familiar with meals and food and wine

To what does she compare her love?
Compares her love to soothing oils, fragrances, favorite foods—all things pleasant and satisfying.

What makes this poem timeless and universal?
Poem is timeless because it appeals and applies to all women who have found their one true love

What does it reveal about life in Egypt of the New Kingdom?
Life in the New Kingdom appreciated art, literature and recognized the appeal of mutually satisfying relationships.

What is the name of the next poem talked about?
“I Think I’ll Go Home and Lie Very Still”

What is the dramatic context of this poem?
Dramatic context: a scene or situation in non-dramatic literature that contains the seeds of a whole drama.

What does his “love” know that no one else realizes?
The young boy in the poem hopes to lure his love to his home by pretending to be ill.And there is no cure for this ailment except for his love to truly return his unrequited love.

What is ironic about this poem?
Irony: the difference between appearance and reality or between what we expect to happen and what actually happens; The irony in this poem is that he is not physically ill, but romantically ill.

What is the next poem called?
The Voice of the Swallow, Flittering, Calls to Me

How is the occupation of the bird catcher used throughout the poem?
The bird catcher is juxtaposed against the woman who wants to be caught by the man.

Explain the following lines:”My heart, dear sister, sings in his hand—”
She sees herself as the free spirit he is to claim.

“…love never harmed a winged creature.”
Love will not hurt an innocent bird or young woman in love.