Electricity be maintained properly. It consists live parts

growth faster today. Demand for electricity is inevitable. Along with it, the quality of services is also counted as a basic needs for customers that must be fulfilled by the electrical company, such as duration of
customer shutdown due to maintenance or power failure. Development of energy growth requires a lot of electrical equipment investment. The increment of the equipment seems
likelihood increase the possibility of failure,
it will cause huge losses financially and services to the company and customer are
the impact of the failure of this equipment. Consequently, reliability and
availability are the main concern for an engineer to provide the best services.


The transformer has a significant role in
transmission and distribution, so it has to be maintained properly. It consists live parts and insulation parts. There
is two main insulation in the transformer, which are oil and paper insulation. Insulation
paper that immersed in oil insulation oil
play the main role in insulated the live parts one and another and also to the
ground. The complexity of transformer tempting engineers to do research further about maintaining and predict
the lifetime of the transformer. Some
methods are expanded and implemented to optimize
the lifetime of the transformer and minimize maintenance cost.  



In general, transformer life is equal to insulation life. The mechanical forces on
cellulose paper in power transformer which mostly attributed to the transportation, electromechanical
forces, and inrush current can reduce
clamping pressure due to its operation. (remnant life estimation).


find it in my paper or tx lifetime


chemical and physical form of paper insulation will change. This happens causes by internal factors such as its
operations and material of insulation paper and external factors such as faults
and environment (oil condition). Hence, paper
insulation condition directly related to transformer lifetime.


Various methods and technologies are developed to
predict transformer condition using the paper insulation measurement. Currently,
there are several chemical diagnostics and mechanical strength measurement to see the condition of the paper insulation and related them to the transformer health condition.

to its operation, the chemical and physical form of paper insulation will
change. This happens causes by internal (operational
and material) and external factors (fault and environment).