Elements of the Oral Tradition

oral tradition
poems, songs, and stories passed down through generations by word of mouth

A traditional story involving gods, ancestors, or heroes, told to explain the natural world or the customs and beliefs of a society.

folk tales
stories or legends that are told over and over from one generation to another

tall tales
a humorous story that tells about exaggerated or impossible events

fairy tales
Stories about imaginary beings that have magical powers, such as fairies, elves, fairy godmothers,magical beasts and/or pixies

short stories with simple moral lessons, usually found in the Bible.

A story handed down from the past; distinguished from a myth by having more historical truth and perhaps less of the supernatural

A short story usually with animals as characters that teaches a lesson or moral

folk songs
Simple melodies, lyrics very important, passed down through generations

Religious songs from the African-American folk tradition; songs from the time of slavery

long poems that tell the stories of heros and gods

traditional short sayings of wisdom or truth