Elizabeth Barrett Browning Information

Style and Topics
-Emotional writer; wrote out her feelings to her reader(s) [Lady Geraldine]
-“A soul of fire encased in a shell of pearl” [L. G.]
-More advanced language usage
-Stressed vowel sounds over consonant sounds [L. G.]
-Used poetic meter (the basic rhythmic structure of a verse or lines in it) from the easiest to most complicated forms [L. G.]
-Criticized for experimenting with a new style that wasn’t known in her time [L. G.]

-Changed constantly [Write Work]
-spirituality was main topic (later years of her life)[^]
-Became depressed and isolated and wrote poems according to her state [W. W.]
-turned to spirituality [^]
-Greatly influenced by chaotic life [W.W.]
-spinal injury [^]
-mother and two brothers died around same time [Yahoo]
-Last poems said to “contain some of her most forceful and beautiful lyrics” (Passions) [P. P]
-Poems were focused around love when she found Robert Browning [Yahoo]
-Inspired to write then isolated [W. W]
-Also wrote about polital and social predicaments [eNotes and Yahoo]

-intricate writing and topics the reader can relate to [my opinion]
-called “England’s greatest woman poet” (eNotes) [eNotes]
-sonneteer and literary heroine [eNotes]
-work was almost looked down upon during her time as she used different styles [L. G.]
-has creative “poetic imagination” (eNotes) [eNotes]
-offensive because “this is a woman who was much more than a wife and lover to her poet-husband” (Elizabeth) [goodreads]
-many today have high esteem for her [common knowledge]
-“… use of language is beautiful.” (Jen) [goodreads]
-“…a wonderful example of perseverance in the face of many obstacles…” (Sharon Gaines) [goodreads]
-averaging about three to five stars

Interesting Facts?
-Knew numerous languages [Lady Geraldine]
-English, Latin, Italian, Greek, and Hebrew [L. G.]
-Unknown illness left her very pale (now known as HKPP) [Penn]
-Oldest of eleven children [Passions in Poetry]
-Husband was also a poet [Yahoo or common knowledge]

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