Emotional The reason why many are skeptical with

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and understand emotions in oneself and others. Although it may not be common knowledge, it is vital to spread awareness because emotions play a giant role in life- it is even greater than some people may care to believe.  At the heart of emotional intelligence, is self-awareness, which helps us perceive our own emotions, and relationship management, which helps us harness these emotions to understand other people’s moods, behaviors, and motives. The reason why many are skeptical with this ideology is solely because intelligence is not necessarily connotated with intelligent along with all the ins and outs that come with the word. Whether others are aware of it or not, everyone has emotional skills; they’re attributes that are stronger in one than others that deals with situations that involve much emotion in one’s daily life. For example, my personal emotional skill is empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Although many may overlook this trait, it is most definitely one that is crucial in regards to relationships. Depending on how empathetic one is may be a leading factor as to how well their relationships. It is important to keep how other people in feeling in mind, especially while they are going through hard times. Empathy is one of my stronger suits solely because I like to keep how the other person is feeling in mind; their feelings do matter to me. However, empathy is more than just keeping others in mind, it is being aware of how people feel from observation. In other words, it is being aware of one’s body language, tone of voice, and being an active listener.  By being aware of how they feel this enables my decision making, especially if it involves others. That doesn’t go unsaid that my feelings don’t matter, it is the fact that I can keep both inputs in mind. By being empathetic I have learned how to grow as a person, and most importantly how to make vital decisions.Being aware of my emotional skills not only makes me a better person, but it most definitely helps me become a much better person.  When put in leadership positions it is one’s job to truly care about each individual being led. By caring, one is aware of how certain members should be spoken to, how to push certain individuals and most importantly how they feel. This enables the leader to experience almost exactly how the people being led feel, which is how empathy has made me a better cadet. Not only empathy is the key to being a leader, emotional intelligence as a whole has. By being fully aware of my own personal emotional intelligence, this has made me grow as a person by being aware of my strong and weak points. Before one can evaluate others they must be able to evaluate theirself. By being aware of this concept, this ultimately makes me a better citizen for society, especially since I will be able to contribute in a positive manner.Many may not be aware of emotional intelligence, and to be quite frank it is not their fault. Emotional intelligence is definitely overlooked in society because it is not one of those things commonly taught. It is unfortunate that is the case because it is primitive to having a successful life. Emotions play the largest role in just about every decision made, the good and the bad. Perhaps if everyone were to be aware of their own emotional intelligence there would be many more positivity in the world.