Ender’s might need to be done might not

Ender’s Game is a military science fiction novel written in 1985 by Orson Scott. It is set in a futuristic earth ravaged by a savage war with an alien race called the buggers. The novel focuses on a young cadet named Eder who is training under a program created by earth to prepare for a third invasion train young children to assume leadership when hostilities start. In the novel Ender Wiggin the third in a family of of child geniuses, is selected by earth’s international military forces to be groomed as Commander of Earth’s Space fleet. Ender is a troubled young boy who has a complicated relationship with his family, He has .a close bond with his sister but has a brother who hates him and wants to kill him.

Ender is taken from this toxic home environment to battle school located in space. Ender excels and is promoted through numerous ranks and is advanced through numerous school levels eventually taking command of Earth’s Fleet unknowingly. He wages ward which he thinks is stimulated)but in actuality is real life resulting in mass genocide of the buggers and the destruction of his whole fleet dooming all those manning the ships. In the end, Ender is horrified at having single handedly caused Billions of deaths. Ender is torn in the end with all the destruction his actions have caused as he has one  and having done what needed to be done to win the war and he wonders what he would have done different if he had known it wasn’t a stimulation. The book explains how sometimes things that might need to be done might not actually be the right or just choice but they are the only option, Some parallels to this would be the atomic bombings of Japan in which theUS weighed the cost of a land campaign and using the new weapons and choose what we now know is a monstrous and terrible weapon of mass destruction; but in their time was more Iappealing than a prolonged campaign with massive civilian and military casualties.

Sometimeschoices have to be made which will accomplish the objective but will vilify you.in conclusion I believe Marines should read this book because it’s a very interesting book and eye opening to put yourself in the place of Ender,To see how you would react inthis situation. It also made me realize that a lot of decisions are tough choices andcompromises and can tear your morality and sanity apart sometimes.