English 101 Midterm~Poetry Analysis

can you paraphrase the general outline of the poem

Antecedent Scenario
what was happening before the poem begins? What has provoked the speaker into utterance? How has a previous equilibrium been unsettled? What is the speaker upset about?

Division Into Parts
How many parts are there? Where do the breaks come?

The Climax
Where is the climax and how do the other parts fall around it?

The Other Parts
What makes you divide the poem into these parts? Are there changes in person? In agency? In tense? In parts of speech?

Find The Skeleton
What is the emotional curve on which the whole poem is strung?

What are the contexts of diction, chains of significant relation, parts of speech emphasized, tenses and so on?

Can you name the pieces of the emotional curve–The changes in tone you can hear in the speakers voice as the poem goes along?

Agency And Its Speech Acts
Who is the main agent in the poem, and does the main agent change as the poem progresses? See what the main speech act the agent is, and whether that changes. Notices oddities about agency and speech acts.

Roads Not Taken
can you imagine the poem written in a different person or tense, with the parts rearranged, or with an additional stanza or a stanza left out? Why might the poet have wanted these pieces in this order?

What are the genres by content, speech act, and form?