English, an art

Some people are born to be great writers. While others spend their entire life studying and reading trying to become the next Shakespeare or john Donne. For the people that are naturally gifted writers their pen is like an extension of their body. Words flow from their mind to the paper like a babbling brook. This however, is not the case for most individuals . Most aspiring writers work hard in school and study the works of writers before them. They do this to learn the art of writing. Edmund Spenser, who studied at Cambridge University for many years “was greatly acknowledged to be the greatest non-dramatic poet of the Elizabethan age” ( Adventures 154).

Like other forms of art such as painting, there are many different styles and techniques of writing. To be a great writer one must master these techniques. It is very important to understand all aspects of the written word. Therefore, if a writer wishes to write novels, he or she would not only study other novels but also works of poetry, screenplays, and essays. As a result of studying different styles of literature a person is then able to better grasp the understanding of what writing is really all about. Some writers for example John Milton took five years off after graduating from Cambridge University just to read and further educate himself. The study of literature is a big part of becoming a great writer. However, being a bookworm is not the only way writers find excellence.

Explorer’s and Adventure’s stories are always awesome tails from far away countries or on one of the seven seas. Back in the day of Sir Walter Raleigh, the founder of Virginia, explorer’s and sailors of their time must have seen these men as astronauts that travel to Mars and fight Martians. Men like Raleigh and Sir Philip Sidney spent many years at sea either fighting for their countries or exploring uncharted territory. “When he died fighting against the Spanish domination of this Dutch, the entire nation mourned his lose” (Adventures 158). Some of these scurvy sea dogs were educated and could write very well. For example there were those that wrote great love letter and sonnets to their loved ones back home. Not only did their travels inspire their writing but also their emotions.

These two foundations of great writing along much knowledge of literature are cornerstones in the process to becoming an excellent writer. A great writer could come from any of these building blocks of writing. Some times it is a mix of education and experience while other times it just emotion and nothing else. I believe the most important elements of becoming a writer are the above three e’s: education, experience, and emotion.