English quiz poetry 2 Jordans set

Who is the author for summer skin
Death cab for cutie

Why did the writer chose to use such vivid imagery
It creates such a vivid picture of that summer is almost like a dream or a movie

what mood does the imagery of this piece produce
The first stanza of this piece is happy and creates a happy mood and the third stanza is sad

which sense is most utilized by the imagery in this piece? and why does the writer favor this type of imagery
Most images appeal to my sense of sight and it makes the reader see exactly what the writer saw while writing it.

Who is the author of I’m nobody
Emily Dickinson

how does emily dickinson use rhyme in this piece? what mood or feeling does it produce
its an irregular rhyme scheme and it makes the reader have an akward, weird, and odd feeling

why does emily dickinson choose frogs and bogs as a comparison to being known
Frogs and bogs can be abnocsious and loud and when they talk they really aren’t saying anything

what is the message of dickinson’s piece
The message is that she wants to show the whole idea of talking about nonsense all day and they are talking loudly as well. Speaking to hear herself speak.

what type of rhyme scheme is in the poem
The rhyme scheme is an irregular one

What year did emily dickinson die and when was she born
She died in 1896 and was born in 1830

What did emily dickinson wear and when did she become famous
She only wore white and she became famous after she died

Who is the author of the sidewalk racer or on the skateboard
Lillian Morrison

why is this poem shaped in such a peculiar way
it is shaped like this to look like a skateboard and when you have fewer words on a line the slower you read and the more words you have on a line the faster you read. This poem goes from side to side and it affects the speed that you read like the speed of a skateboard

what is the alliteration sound in this poem
The sound is s

what poetry terms are utilized in this piece
metaphor, alliteration, and rhyme

what does the alliteration add to this piece
it creates a flow in the poem and imagery

who is the author of the caged bird
maya angelou

how are free and caged birds described
the caged bird is unsaved spending its dayssingign in a cage and the free bird is not ins laved and does what it pleases

what does the caged bird symbolize
The caged bird symbolizes african slaves

The quote the caged bird stands on the grave on dreams
This quote is a metaphor and it sans the bird/slaves dreams are dead

why are stanzas 3 and 6 identical
they are identical because they are the chorus of the song and in the stanza the message of the poem is in those stanzas

what does the caged bird sing about and why
The caged bird sings about freedom because it generates ambition and keeps the dreams alive

Who is the author of picture in a frame
Tom Waits

what does ever since I put your picture in a frame mean
It means that the author/ guy in the poem will love the girl forever

what does I gonna love you till the wheels come off mean
It means that the author/ Guy in the poem is going to love the girl until he dies

what does sun come up mean
It means a new beginning

Definition: Symbolisim
A person, place, event, or object that has a meaning in itself but suggests other meanings as well

Definition: Nostalgic
Sad about something thats over

Definition: Conduit

Definition: Banish
To cast off

Definition: Bog

Definition: Rhyme
The similarity for likeness of sound existing between 2 words

Definition: Imagery
The use of words to create a picture in a readers min based on the 5 senses

Definition: Alliteration
The repetition of initial consonant sounds in a word

Definition: Personification
A literary device in which author speaks of or describes an animal, object, or ideas as if it were a person.