English Renaissance

One of the first English translations of the Bible was written in the 1520’s and 1530’s by
Williams Tyndale

This monarch commissioned court performances from a group of actors
James I

This is known as a time when people showed “renewed interest in science, art, and all learning,” and it helped England and Europe “transition” from the middle ages into the modern era.

Which poem has paradoxes in lines 4 and 14?
Holy Sonnet 10

Which poem’s speaker is describing a woman he cares about and being very realistic about her looks?
Sonnet 10

Why was Thomas More executed
he refused to accept this king as head of the church of England, he was tried for treason and beheaded

John Donne and Andrew Marvell wrote this type of poetry
metaphysical poetry

How many lines does a sonnet have

What Italian writer made the sonnet famous
Francesco Petrarch

This person helped spark the Protestant Reformation in 1517
Martin Luther

In Holy Sonnet 10, lines 9-10 death is specifically personified as a _______ powerless and under the control of other forces (“fate, chance, kings, and desperate men”).


Which poem has this main idea? Love is so powerful that it can defy the laws of nature.
sonnet 30

This monarch “supported a flourishing period of cultural achievement:”
Queen Elizabeth 1st

We studied poems by three different authors; name at least one of those authors. First and last name
Williams Shakespeare

This was a movement supporting the idea that human beings can achieve greatness on their own abilities (as opposed to having everything controlled by God).

In “Death Be Not Proud,” does the speaker want to glorify death and show readers that death is something powerful?

How did William Shakespeare achieve financial success and security?
having part of ownership in an acting company and theatre

In the Renaissance, did writers believe poetry should fit expected forms and patterns? And did poetry almost always rhyme?
Yes, and Yes

One of the main ideas of sonnet 130 is that many poems idealizing a woman’s beauty are exaggerated and false

What is the irony found in the last line of Holy Sonnet 10?
not only is death the servant of other powers and essentially impotent to truly kill anyone, but also death is itself destined to die when, as in the christian tradition, the dead are resurrected to their eternal reward. Here Donner echoes the sentiment of the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:26, where Paul writes that the “final enemy to be destroyed is death.

” Donne taps into his christian background to point out that death has no power and one dat will cease to exist. Saying death will die soon.

In Holy Sonnet 10, Donne minimizes death by saying it is really comparable to and not much more significant than what?
rest and sleep; two things that give us pleasure

In “On My First Son’, what has happened to inspire Jonson to write this poem?
His son died

“On My First Son”, in line 10 when Jonson mentions his “best piece of poetry”, what is he referring to?
the best thing he had created

“On My First Son”, what is the mood of this poem? Mood: melancholy/emotionalBitter, resigned
melancholy, emotional, bitter, resigned

“Song: To Cecilia”, what is the speaker trying to accomplish? How does this turn out?

Song: To Cecilia”, what gift is given?
rosey wreath