English romantic poetry quiz

The Tyger-Blake
imagery:the creator holding the tyger in hands as its brought to life
-how could the creator have create something so fierce and deadly-how strong is creator(meditation)
-duality of God
-lyrical,panthesistic, challenges traditonal thinking,t

To a Mouse- Burns
Unity of man and nature, deity is present in small things, sryr mans behavoior has hurt animals-equals(panthesistic), careful plans dont always work out
-mouse is better of than man because it lves in the moment has no regrets or looksahead

formally structured with no casual subjective “I”,prometheus wont give in to authority-rebel, zues-thunder, autocratic government,dictator, promethus doesnt give in which is why hes a hero-sccares zues, endorses freedom-liberates, statement of his politics

La Belle Dame sans Merci-Keats
speaker 1-person who encounters the knight
speaker 2- a knight answers the question of the person who asked him what’s wrong
-fairy may have enchanted knight, he thinks she loves him but doesnt know for sure,
ballad, medieval,mystery, mans feelings link him to moral nature,adventure, romance
lily on thy brow- metaphor for his sickly pale

Rime of the Ancient Mariner
ballad, imaginative strange tale, supernatural, allegory of sin repentance and redemption, SEE SHEET*******panthesistic,real people,contry views of religion,nature in smpathy b/c unity of all things in universe, nature morally and philosophically, language of common ma

Bright Star
apostrophe, he wants ot be fixed like a star and listen to her breath forever not the other things listed, emphasizes first person “I”, communion with nature, emotion and passion for subject matter,lyrical,differnt views on relationships

expostualation and reply-wordsworth
scolding and response,converstaion poem between william and his friend matthew where they discuss ways of knowing/learning, Age of reason=matthew(friend)-knowledge comes from books, william=enlightenment feels that things dont ocme from rational thought-there are higher powers that shape the mind and if he is open he will recieve,
imgination, human mind can read and find truths in nature,nature i in sympathy with man because there is unity of all things in the universe, lyrical,language of the common man,reject on reason and rationalism as a supior form of knowledge, pantheistic, first person “I”

Childe Harolds Pilgrimage_byron
Byronic hero,nature speaks a language to him that is clearer than his own, would be happy of he could stay in nature, 2 comparisons:falcon w/clipped wings , and acaged bird in society(typical of a byronic hero), mood=depression , has no hope but accepts he cant change it-not conquered like promethus,
authetic feeling, medieval,man is perfect in nature, panthesitic, entusiatic communion with nature

Song to the men of england-shelley
encourages peasant to rebel/ overthrow autocrats-why do they do it if they get no credit-they are only making the aristocrats stronger, dangerous to society b/c of his rebellious poetry, wherefore=why, political poem

tables turned
can learn more from nature than books,rjection of reason, mans nutral element is nature not society, forst person i, human mid can read nature and find truths in it, ternal powers that created universe are in nature