English Test over Poetry

In “Heart”, Dickinson shows her gift for…
setting up a dialogue between contrasting impulses.

In “…Fall”, Dickinson writes, “I’d toss it yonder, like a Rind.” In this passage the “it” refers to the speaker’s…

Define Transcendentalism
To rise above societal obstacles and don’t let the world get you down. Maximize who you are, develop your gifts and talents. SCREW YOU. Screw society. Have a positive impact on society.

What is making the speaker metaphorically inebriated in “I taste a liquor never brewed”?
Summer days

Dickinson’s particular contribution to poetry can BEST be described as exemplifying how to…
express ideas in original ways

The speaker of “Success is counted sweetest” asserts that..
those who do not succeed best understand the meaning of success.

What are the elements of free verse?
Parallel Structure

Cadence is the…
flow of words that have a rhythmic rise and fall in sound.

Parallel structure is the repetition of what?

What are the unusual elements of Walt Whitman’s free verse?
Foreign Terms
Invented Words
American Slang

Instead of exact rhyme, Emily Dickinson sometimes uses…
slant rhyme

What are some alternative terms for slant rhyme?
Approximate Rhyme
Half Rhyme
Off Rhyme
Near Rhyme

Dickinson’s use of slant rhyme indicates her…
desire to use language that will make readers notice the words.

In “Song of Myself”, Number 10, the speaker describes the marriage of a trapper to an American Indian girl. In this section the speaker’s position is best described as…
an observer who gives hints about his reactions through the selection of details.

“Song of Myself” #33, writes that agonies are a change of clothing, he means…
That the speaker can take on the agonies of others like putting on clothes.

In “Song of Myself” #10, the poem ends with an image of a gun leaning against the wall in the corner. This detail, when read in the context of the rest of the poem, seems to indicate that the speaker….
trusts the runaway.

What theme is evident in the Whitman poems that you have read?
There is some common thread that runs among all Americans.

“I Hear America Singing” is a catalog because it..
lists related categories of people and events.

How could you demonstrate the cadence of Whitman’s poetry?
Read the poetry aloud to show how your voice rhythmically rises and falls.

Explain how Walt Whitman and Dickinson fulfilled the transcendental concepts of “Self-Reliance”.
Whitman and Dickinson both write poetry about being proud of who you are. Whitman, for example, wrote “Song of Myself” in which he describes the songs of everyday Americans. Dickinson writes poetry about standing up for yourself and being who you are and doing what you want to do.