English//Litany- Poetry

The memories are presented in the form of a young girl and is a recount of an event where she said a word that was seen as unacceptable which resulting in her receiving the traditional punishment of washing her mouth out with soap by her mother.


-another childhood memory dramatised.
-adverb then shows it’s not now.
-The nouns which are referred to context dependent references place the event in the past 60s/70s e.g candlestick bedspread, American tan tights.
-Minor sentences again recreate the fragmented nature of memory.

Stanzas one and two describe habitual social occasions in general.
stanzas 2 and 3 highlights the change that this has now become a description of a specific incident.
-only uses first person narrative in the second half only sees her potential, power.Sense of identity.
-vivid memory ‘yes I can summon their names’.
-Semantic field of power of words ‘litany’.

-She mocking the woman and she distances herself from them.
-Lists suggests that they are materialistic as they pass catalogued.
-Talk about their marriages, they try and keep things respectable and clean. clinical distance between them and their husbands.
-The formal term of address show them seem superior, unfriendly and distant.
-Persona watches over them and observed and she calculated her actions as she spells out the word to make it seem innocent.
-Stanza 3 is a contrast of her innocent and her new power.

The lounge, full of objects and women the person can’t identify with. she’s trying to escape from the place as doesn’t fit in.