Enlightenment Poetry

What three things did Ben Johnson’s poems strive for?
Brevity, Clarity, and permanence

What poems did Ben Johnson write?
Still to be Neat, Song to Celia, On My First Son,

What is an epigram?
a short poem which strives for brevity, clarity, and permanence; they have paradoxes; parallel phrases

Still to be Neat
the difference between women who try to look pretty by wearing too much makeup and women who have a natural look

Song to Celia
He is infatuated by a women he does not know and who does not love him

On My First Son
His son has just died at a very young age and he is saying how great his son was. He says that he son was his best piece of poetry

What type of poetry did John Donne write?
metaphisical poetry

What is metaphysical poetry?
poetry with philosophical issues, uses conceits and paradoxes

What is a conceit?
compare objects that you generally wouldn’t

What is a paradoxes?
something that seems to contradict itself but actually reveals a deeper truth

What is Medias Res?
When a work of writing starts in the middle of the story

John Donne’s Poems have two characters. Who are they?
A speaker and a silent listener

Who did John Donne marry?
His employers niece. Some people think it was for the money but when they became poor he still loved her so it must have been for love

What poems did John Donne write?
Song, Valediction, Holy Sonnet 10

He has to leave and he is trying to assure his wife that he will be back and that he will always love her. “Sweetness love, I do not go, for weariness of thee,” uses the sun as a simile, sleep facing the opposite way and will be as if I am there

He has to leave his wife and he is trying to comfort her, uses a math compass in a conceit

Holy Sonnet 10
about death, death is personified, conceit

What was the main idea in Marvell’s poems
Carpe Diem (Seize the day)

What poems did Marvell Write?
To his Coy Mistress, To the Virgins, Song

To His Coy Mistress
The women he loves is playing hard to get and he is trying to tell her that life is short and she needs to make the most of it by being with him

To the Virgins
Make the most of your life, get married

the speaker’s friend can’t get over the girl he loves, she doesn’t love him, his friend is trying to tell him that he is wasting his time being sad, it wasn’t meant to be so move on

Who wrote Paradise lost?
John Milton