Epic Poetry

epic poetry
a poem that tells the story of a noble protagonist who successfully overcomes challenges from supernatural beings with the help of other supernatural beings to achieve his goals

the ancient greek blind poet who wrote the stories of ancient heroes interacting with supernatural beings ion lengthy, narrative poems

a brief reference to a person, place, or event that is commonly known to the audience or readers of a literary work to convey meaning

the ancient greek goddess who allied herself with the warriors of Troy and tried to help them win the wars against the Greeks from Sparta

the ancient greek goddess who allied herself with the greek warriors from Sparta and helped the win their war against troy as they tried to rescue helen from troy and return her to her husband, Menelaus, the king of Sparta

epic plot
the events of a narrative which take place in many locations and involve the activity of supernatural beings opposing and helping a noble human protagonist

epic setting
the setting of a narrative involving exotic, strange places, time periods, and characters

epic simile
a comparison of two unlike things which extends through several lines of a narrative

epic theme
a message about life and human nature implied in a narrative poem involving a noble character overcoming supernatural challenges in a variety of locations

epic hero
the protagonist who is a noble human character respectful of the gods and goddesses who then give him supernatural help so that he overcomes challenges from supernatural beings in many locations and achieves his goals

a glorified name

a common element found in literature from ancient times to present times, such as types of characters, literary devices, themes, plot devices, symbols, and others

professional story-tellers of ancient greek gods, goddesses, and heroes in poetry form; traveling, singing, story-telling poets

the impersonal force in the universe that opposes the protagonist in ancient greek literature and determines the outcome of the character’s life events and actions

the lliad
the epic poem about the war between troy and the greeks of Sparta, focusing not he greek heroes of the war, written by Homer

the narrative about human protagonists with positive character traits who overcome almost-supernatural challenges, sometimes with the help of supernatural beings

mt. olympus
the place in ancient Greece where the major deities of the greek pantheon lived; their headquarters

narratives about how natural elements were created, often involving supernatural beings in relationship with humans for the purpose of giving life lessons to humans

the odyssey
the epic poem about the return of Odysseus, the greek hero of the trojan war, to his home after the end of the war, written by Homer

oral history
the stories of the past communicated by the word of mouth from one generation or group to another