Everyone spite from that advances, make England have

              Everyone certainly knows England because
England is famous country in Europe and in the world. England is one of develop
country in the world that is progressing in all fields such as in the field of
Education, Economic, Industry, Literature and etc. In spite from that advances,
make England have diverse literature work from ancient literature until modern
literary work. English literatures develop well and advances depend in every
period. In every period the literary work had different characteristic. The
characteristic of English literature was influenced from every event that
occurs in every period. That event was very inspirited the writer to create the
literary work. English literature usually developed in the form of prose,
poetry, drama, novels, essays, and other literary works. In every literary
works was made by a great and famous English writer in every period.  Seen from the history, English had many
greatest and famous writers in every period. One of the famous writers in English
literatures was Samuel Taylor Coleridge and he was famous in the age of return
to nature or can call the  age of romanticism.
He made great works in that period and made himself a famous writer in the age
of romanticism. In this essay would discuss more about the life of Coleridge,
his work and his work affected the historical background in the age of return
to nature.

Taylor Coleridge was born on 21 October 1772 in Devonshire, England. His father
named John Coleridge as a vicar of Ottery St Mary and master of grammatical
school. Her father marriage twice and had thirteen children but the younger
children from his families was Coleridge. Coleridge studied in grammatical
school where his father as a headmaster from his school. His father pass away
when he was nine years old and he continue his studied in Christ’s Hospital School, London. In
London he best friend with Charles
and also with his classmate named Tom
When he stayed in London, he love with the girl named Marry and the girl that
he loves was the sister of Tom Evans. In 1791 he studied in University of Cambridge and focused
in the future as a clergyman in the Church of England. He became a
controversial figure in Cambridge because following and supporter William freed
who Fellow of Unitarian belief. In Cambridge he also had a lot of deft that
require her brother to pay of all. On June 1794 when he went to Wales, he
delays his route because met with Robert
and became a best friend. After visited wales, he back to England for attended
the engagement of Southey with Edith
and began his carrier as a writer. In 1795 he married with Sarah who the other child of Fricker
that didn’t he love because he still love with Marry who was engaged with
another man. In 1795 he became best friend with William Wordsworth and work
partner in
literature. In 1800 he stayed in Keswick with his family and his friends. He
began to continue his studied about literature, philosophy and also was secretary’s
governor in Malta Island. Finally On 25th July 1834 he passed away
because illness of addicted opium.

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 The works of Coleridge were poetry, prose and
drama. In 1795 Coleridge and Southey made drama the title was The Fall of
Robespierre but what that they made was failed because Southey continue his
legal heritage and leave their project until that. From that Coleridge began to
write several literary works.  His works
was influenced by William Wordsworth and started writing with nature style. He wrote
conversation poem the titles of his pome were The Eolian Harp” and “This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison used
their friends experience as a subject. In 1796 he success to produce the first book poem the
title was on various subjects. In 1798 Coleridge and William also made the book
poem the title was Lyrical
Ballads.  In that poem contain the poem of William and
Coleridge which consist of nineteen poems from William and four poems work by
Coleridge.  This poem was very popular and
become the great work in the age of return and nature. The famous poem work by
Coleridge was The Rime
of the Ancient Mariner also contain in lyrical Ballads. The prose of Coleridge
used philosophical theme and got it from journalistic. In 1796 he also began to write prose the title was The
Watchman that only consists of ten numbers and he wrote by periodically. He
also wrote the other prose the title was The Morning Post which following the
miscellaneous prose and “The friends” produce at Panrith that only consist of
ten numbers same with the watchman.  In
1817 he success to produce Biographia literaria which contained his best
literary criticism and made he became the greatest of English critic
literature. The Other famous prose and poetry create by Coleridge were Sibylline
Leaves, Aids to Reflection, and Church and State. Coleridge also made same drama such
as The Fall of Robespierre. An Historic Drama and Remorse, A Tragedy, in
Five Acts.

age of return to nature was motivated by the occurrence of French Revolution
that made the writer of this period make literary works related with the event
that was been occurrence. At this period, there was
revolution French with the existence of the war in the Europe until 1815 that
can cause there were hostility and cruelty result from the power of Napoleon.
this time people was expect to freedom, equality and sense of brotherhood to
each other. Relating to the historical background of this event, made Coleridge
inspired to create poem the title was “Ode to France” which told
about the rise and fall the expectation of the liberal British youth. Coleridge
made that poem because that time there was the occurrence of liberal English
after the destruction of Napoleon power. Britain was very excited to welcome
the freedom that was appeared at that time. French Revolution strongly affected
two famous writer in the age of romanticism such as William and Coleridge to collaboration
to  made the literary work based on the
event that was been occurred. The literary work that successes they made was a
book of poem namely Lyrical Ballads that contain some work of Coleridge which
affected with the revolution France especially the restoration. One
of Coleridge’s work contain in the lyrical ballads that affected with the Revolution
France was Ode in the Destruction of the Bastille which told about the joy of
freedom. With the revolution French that had been happened, Coleridge welcomed
that event to create the literary work with Joy. As the name of the age, the
literary work by Coleridge that affected with the historical background used
the natural style without artificial beauty and his work was really genuinely
natural and pure. In the age of return to nature or can
called the romanticism can affected Cambridge to create some works with natural
style related with the French revolution that existed in that time. Initially
he wrote some work with nature style that related with the existing events
because it was influenced by his friends named William Wordsworth. Wordsworth
also the great writer in the age of romanticism that made the literary works
used natural style for the first time related with the even was been occur in
that time.

conclusion, Samuel Taylor Cambridge was one of great writer in the age of
return to nature. There are three the important information that contain in
this essay about Coleridge, that are: his life of Coleridge until he became the
greater writer in this age, his work and his work that affected with the
historical background in the age of romanticism. In his life tell about his families
and the life of Coleridge from he continue his study in grammatical school
until became the greatest English writer. Coleridge created same literature
work in the form of poetry, prose and drama. He wrote literary work used nature
style with full imagination. The great works of Coleridge were Lyrical Ballads he made with his
friend namely William Wordsworth and success to create Biographia
literaria. The work of Coleridge affected with revolution French which occurrence
in that age. He produced some work related with the event that was happened in
the age of return to nature.  So the
great work that he create made he became one of great English writer in the age
of Romanticism. 


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