“Everything I had a plan.But leaning over my

“Everything is hard at first before it becomes easy.” – Goethe.There are truths and lessons in that little quote. And so learning is a process, life long. Day in and day out. Whether you consciously go about it. Or haphazardly on the hop.And maybe one day you realize, you learn to learn more anyway. It is also true for writing. That is what writing is, communicating thoughts ideas instructions and many other things. So as to be understood clearly and conveniently.”It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” – Hillary.When it came to fleshing out a new website with content, I slid off the mountain… And there I sat at the bottom battered and bruised.Progress however painfully slow is still progress. And how easy it is to march through a book or course without doing the exercises. But Oh how painful the atrophy of ground gained is by not putting in the effort.So, with a bright idea in mind, I headed out to learn to become a copy writer. I had a plan.But leaning over my shoulder was that big dark workhorse waiting to be hitched. Without the practice, the experience is not gained and the profit lost.Having an idea, a plan is the starting point. A purpose gives direction. I also discovered it wasn’t easy even with a plan.It was Henry Royce of Rolls/Royce fame who said, “We are here to make it better, and then better and then better again.”This is where that big dark workhorse comes into the game. He’s part of it, and without him, there is no game. The hard work still has to be done. Do you remember this, ‘no pain no gain’.But with a little practice along the way, the going gets easier. And keeping in mind very rarely is anything done perfectly the first time. Taking comfort in that allows you to keep trying, and getting better each time. And being able to push aside failure.Failure is giving up. Not getting up again.Wisdom is looking at what you’ve done, and looking to see how it can be done better. The same goes for writing this article. Back and forth, adding a word, deleting a word. Changing the order.It is the same for something you are putting off because you haven’t any experience. What is the worst that can happen? It might just turn out a little how you intended it to. And then, you can make it better.Which is far better than having done nothing at all.How many dreams, goals, desires have you let slip by. Or continue to keep in the back of your mind? Let yourself go, go after what you want.