Executive style services, which include a detailed Style


E-Tailor is an upscale
women’s clothing boutique. E-Tailor clothing selections and exclusive personal style
services, which include a detailed Style Assessment, will ensure that our
customers are well dressed.

E-Tailor will carry
Ready-to-Wear (RTW) designer, formal, casual, party wear and especially bridal
apparel for women. E-Tailor will feature other choice selections by Pakistani’s
traditional and western females taste such as Shalwar Kurta, Weekend Maxi and
short dresses for party wear, Designer Tops in casual collection.

E-Tailor will provide
services such as Style Assessments, alterations, personal shopping, and special
ordering to customers during store hours and by personal appointments. Style
Concierges who are trained within the image industry will be available to
customers on a daily basis. E-Tailor’s innovative Style Assessments and
educational emphasis in helping women develop their personal styles will
enhance our reputation as a truly unique boutique.


The E-Tailor customer is a busy professional woman,
university student, rich housewives who lives in the “Lahore” with a household
income over 1 lack. She enjoys the boutique fashions and wants a place where
she can get unique style meet her lifestyle need


E-Tailor has stiff local competition with the many
wonderful boutiques in Lahore. Direct competitors include those boutiques that
carry some of the concepts that E-Tailor plans on carrying or could move easily
into carrying, and are located in the Valley. Indirect competitors are those
boutiques in Lahore that focus on a different target market or do not focus on
unique design that E-Tailor will carry, in addition to well-known boutiques in
other metropolitan areas


We are in a Business of
Boutique in which we design clothes for women and each design will be unique
Each design is original, focusing on individual style, each
person privileged as our unique royal pattern having their own personal
authentic design with no duplicate “E-Tailor patronizing royalty Initially
launching only in Lahore, we will have four outlets, one each in the major
5 star hotels of the city (Pearl Continental,Marriot, Sheraton and Avari) but
in the beginning we will only set up the PC outlet and once it works
out then we will invest on the rest. The basic maintained theme
of our outlets will be personified with the color pink; the decor shall be
of light colored walls supported with diamond-like stones and curtains.
Each outlet will have a fairly sized lounged that will include beverages
and refreshments for the waiting customers. Soft soothing music
will accompany the ambience of the shops.

Mission Statement:

The mission of E-Tailor
is to provide uniqueness to every woman. We never comprise towards
the style and individualistic of our every single client.

Company Goals and

E-Tailor goal is to
take a place in all over the Pakistan.

Legal form of


Products and Services

Our shop will have four
types of clothing lines casuals, formals, party wear and bridal. The
clothes in our shop will not have any duplicates, just one piece; if
bought by a customer, there won’t be a spare lot and will not
be designed again. This way each of our customers will have a
unique piece of clothing that no other will share anywhere. This is the
driving selling proposition that we shall market.

Marketing Plan

Market research – Why?

In the Questionnaire we
asked questions that if you get a chance to wear a dress which is
unique and nobody can have it so most of the ladies said yes, so
through small survey we identified the need of such boutique which should offer
dresses to its clientele which no one else can have it.

Market Size:

We have a market size
of approximately 300,000 females from the age group of 15-50.

Market Share:

Being very realistic we
are targeting 1% of our total target market, which is 50, 000, due to the fact
that has to be considered like, is the target audience aware of our product
and do they believe on us.



Consumer Analysis
(Current situation)

 Nature of buying
decision: Usually the buying decisions of women in this case are very
choosy. Customers are mostly likely to make a purchase while they find
something very different when they come across such boutique outlets;
otherwise previously visited customers who have made purchases tend to turn
into retention. If we are to properly differentiate these two natures of
buying; the casual and semi-formal clothes are usually bought out of
uniqueness and party wear, formal and bridal clothes require the customers
to make prolonged periods of decision making time.

Barriers in entering
this market with the new company:

• High marketing costs

• Consumer acceptance
and brand recognition

• Unique technology and

Solution to these

• Use resources
efficiently so that there will no wastage on unnecessary marketing.

• Organizing events to
develop clientele acceptance for our product. Going into universities arranging
fashion shows.

• We don’t publish our
catalog so that no one can copy our designs, plus we also save
our cost by not making copyrights of these designs.


Organizational Plan: 

Sales representative:

Job Description

The main task of a sales representative is to
sell the products design by the boutique.

Essential Duties

• A sales representative must perform the following
duties and responsibilities:

• Solicit orders from new and prospective customers
in a certain geographical area

• Provide samples, and illustrations of the
company’s product line

• Handle product inquiries of clients

• Listen to customer concerns

• Address product-related issues

• Enlarge client base by developing excellent
customer relations

• Survey, analyze and prepare proposals for new
prospects and old clients


Job of the manager is to resolve the problems, which
a customer may have. Keep a check onthe employees.

 Essential Duties

• Supervise Maintenance and keep a check on
overall performance of other employees and security guards.

• Cash inflow and out flow management.

• Feedback from customers

• Lead and motivate all employees

• Control any crisis situations.


Minimum two years of experience in a customer
service centre with good communicationskills and appearance.

 Knowledge and skills required:

• Self Motivator.

• Communication Skills


Bachelors with Cambridge schooling.


Accountant should have a perfect knowledge of
keeping the books of accounts and posses asuitable degree
of Accountancy.

 Key Responsibilities:

• To keep the proper books of accounts.

• To keep an account of the daily
cash expenses and ( Cash inflows and Out flows)

• To make all the financial statements required

• Making bills


Designing the clothes and materialize her
imaginations for the customers that have unique sense of styling.


He will be stitching the clothes as directed by
the designer, he will be available all day so that if there is
any alteration he can alter it for the customer.


The purchaser will be getting everything from the
market for the clothes for example laces, buttons, fabric, cloth
dying etc.

 Marketing Strategies:

Based on small
research conducted on women’s shopping behaviours as well as our own research
for Lahore women, the following marketing strategies will be employed:

• Develop strong
relationships with customers by utilizing Style Assessment and offering
services to help each woman determine the right clothes for her.

• Provide
educational materials and programs that enable customer’s greater
decision-making confidence.

• Build
awareness of brand and services to exemplify strong store reputation.

• Provide
customers with a sense of access to “inside information” and harness
the power of a woman’s personal network by leveraging marketing collateral
designed for sharing and encouraging referrals.

Sales Strategies:

We sale
according to the demand pattern. Since we assume that 2% of our target will be
our 1 year customer from there it will increase