Family: Parapenaeopsis cornuta (Kishinouye, 1900) Common Name: Coral




Penaeidae Rafinesque, 1815

Alcock, 1901

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cornuta (Kishinouye, 1900) 


Common Name:
Coral Shrimp




Distribution :
West and South coasts of India from Maharashtra to Tamil Nadu and off Sri
Lanka, Japan North Australia, the distribution is scattered

Habitat: Marine,
40m depth on sandy mud or mud at the mouth of estuaries.

Average total length of males 43mm; females 80mm

Collection site :
Neendakara, Vizhinjam, Kalamukku, Munambam, Azheekkal, Ponnani

Materials  examined : 15
specimens, female maximum size (Tl) 7.2 cm and males with 5.1cm.

Pale brown or faintly pinkish with brown-grey specks and dorsal transverse
brown bands on abdomen; pereopods white, pleopods brownish, both  specked; uropod dark grey distally. Rostrum
slightly sigmoidal or straight, tip up-tilted, toothless on distal ¼, reaching
from middle of second to distal margin of third antennular article and armed
with 7-8 rarely 9 dorsal teeth; epigastric tooth present; postrostral crest
ending near posterioe margin of carapace; longitudinal suture reaching up to
0.4 of carapace length; antennular flagella 0.4-0.6 times the length of
carapace. Epipod and basical spine present on first and second pereopods. Basis
of third pereopod unarmed in both sexes. Telson with 2-4 pairs of distolateral
spinules. Petasma with long and slender, horn-like distolateral projections, diverging
proximatly and curving inward distally, each with a small spiniform process ;distomedian
projections extremely small. Anterior plate of thelycum of long and concave,
fused posteromedially with posterior plate, the latter with latteral with
lateral depressions, a median tuft of long setae behind the thelycum.




Stray numbers obtained. Caught with shrimp trawls, seines, stake nets and
several other artisanal gear.

Original description : Alcock, A., 1906. Catalogue of the Indian decapod Crustacea in the
collections of the Indian Museum. Part III. Macrura. Fasciculus I. The prawns
of the Peneus group: i-ii, 1-57, Plates 1-9. Trustees of the Indian Museum,