Fashion how it can complement a person’s features,

Fashion is an ever changing evolving outlet for expression. My admiration for fashion and its prevalence in the media has allowed me to develop an interest in fashion journalism and how it is promoted in the media. Journalism plays a key role in helping to transform brands, showcase different concepts and sometimes unpopular opinions to a broad audience. I am eager and enthusiastic to expand my knowledge and understanding about this subject on your fashion course. I have a profound interest in how clothing can convey a message about someone. What I love most about fashion is how it can define someone as a person. Everyone has their own personal sense of style that suits them. Two people can wear exactly the same outfit yet it can look so different. I love to experiment with fashion, seeing what works with what and what does not. Having had fashion disasters in the past, I learn from those mistakes and develop a sense of style that suits me.  This course will allow me to further develop that style and how it can impact an audience.

Studying photography has allowed me to develop a self-motivated and independent practice. I enjoy many genres of photography, but particularly street photography which coincides with my love for street wear and street fashion. Although my course is not solely based on fashion many of the subjects I have studied relate to and coincide well with the fashion world. For instance we have done an assignment on portrait photography which has taught me why lighting is important and how it can complement a person’s features, how to interact with the subject in order to produce the best possible images and developed my Photoshop skills in order to tweak imperfections. All of skills these skills will help me excel on the course. I have also completed an assignment on fashion photography which I enjoyed thoroughly. It gave me an insight as to what it would be like to work industry as you work with models and capture the creations of the fashion design students in a way that would make the images suitable for advertisement purposes and for publication in media. The research skills I am learning on my current course are also transferable and essential for university as we are reminded to cite research we use, using the Harvard referencing method.

In my spare time I like to attend exhibitions, for both fashion and photography. I enjoy visiting exhibitions that celebrate all cultures, races and sexuality as inclusion is very important to me. I have a passion for fashion writing and enjoy reading magazines such as Vogue and i-D. I like to keep up to date with designer’s current collection and collaborations by looking at their social media platforms and how they use social media to promote their brand.

Virgil Abloh is a personal influence of mine. His influence on street fashion, street wear and music through the way he promotes his brand is remarkable. His impact on social media and the way he influences his audience through that is astounding. Virgil’s campaigns present his brand by taking elements from his clothing and representing it in a professional manner that has an effect on his target audience. A favourite campaign of mine is the Pre-Fall 2016 campaign. This is because the use of the scaffolding in the background represents his signature industrial belt and industrial elements that he adds to his clothing, such as his signature diagonal lines that feature on most items of his clothing. This makes it easy to identify and associate his brand with him.

I aspire to play a pivotal role in the future of fashion and I feel like this course with allow me to achieve this aspiration. Fashion promotion will provide me with the knowledge and skills to make it in the fashion industry. I believe that I will bring innovation and diversity to the course with my unique sense of style and critical thinking.