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Few situations are more uncomfortable than having an insect pest in the house. Fortunately, there are both home and professional methods to eliminate this type of domestic pests. Below we present a collection of tips to get rid of these visitors; as well as to prevent future invasions. 1. When fighting cockroaches, start by cleaningCockroaches are found mainly in kitchens, for this reason is that if we want to avoid their presence will be essential to keep the surfaces clean and free of any food. Avoid stacking dirty dishes, newspapers, boxes, cartons and empty containers.2. Seal the entrances and leave the ants outside your hoLocate the cracks where ants are entering and leaving. Seal all entrance holes using putty, silicone, plaster or glue. If you decide to use a temporary Vaseline style sealer, keep in mind that sooner or later you will have to buy a more permanent solution.3. Scare away flies with natural aromasThe scent of basil and jasmine is perfect to keep the flies at bay. Placing a pot of basil near windows and a vase of jasmine on your table will help to avoid the presence of these undesirable insects.4. Prepare your own mosquito repellentIf you want to change commercial repellents for an organic product without concentrated insecticides, go to the herbalist in your area and buy lavender oil.By mixing this oil with your body cream, you will get an excellent mosquito repellent lotion that will also have a sweet aroma.5. Do not give place to the arrival of moths/mothsThese insects feed on the sweat and food stains that remain on the clothes, so it is essential that you keep your closet free of dirty clothes. To repel the moths already installed, place in your wardrobe bags of gauze with a bouquet of dried lavender, some grains of black pepper or splinters of cedar wood, and camphor.6. Get rid of the termites that destroy your grovesIf your home has termites, you should act as soon as possible since it is a plague that expands very quickly. If you have detected their presence in early stages, you can control them with home remedies such as clove bud or aloe vera.7. Perfumes your pet and protects it from fleasFleas are resistant to pesticides but can be controlled with a good dose of cleaning and aromatic. Bathe your pet with soap and warm water, and do not forget to wash your neck, head, and ears well (fleas will try to get to the head because it is out of the water). Prepare an infusion with rosemary, citronella or eucalyptus leaves, and spray your pet once its coat has dried.8. Renew your bedroom to prevent bed bugsBed bugs occur mainly in bedrooms and feed on blood, causing stings that cause burning and discomfort. Once inside the home, bed bugs can be severe to control. We can prevent your arrival through a series of changes in our bedroom: avoid large carpets and carpets challenging to wash, look for cracks or openings in the wooden skirting and proceeds to seal, vacuum both the bed and the mattress on a regular basis.9. Cleaning and order discourage spidersThe cleanup in a routine and meticulous way of the house will be the best strategy to eliminate the spiders and deter them from returning. Arm yourself with a vacuum cleaner and broom, and proceed to remove cobwebs.10. When nothing seems to work, turn to the expertsSome insect pests that are harder to control than others, and there will be no aromatic plants or tips that can help you. In those cases, the best solution to eliminate intruders will be to communicate with specialists and hire a company with a track record such as Rentokil pest control.