The fieldwork in the town of Samut Prakan

Introduction: The fieldwork was done in the town of Samut Prakan. The border of the Bangkok Metropolis runs between Soi La Salle and Soi 107. Beyond this Province is the town of Samut Prakan. It lies on either side of the Chao Phraya River. It is the most heavily industrialized and polluted province of Thailand. The aim of the field trip was to find whether or not the hypothesis is true. In order to state the answer we need prove to back up the hypothesis.

Hypothesis 1: ” The metropolis of Bangkok has the growth beyond its borders and has merged into Samut Prakan, which is no longer a separate town.”

The population growth of Bangkok has increased very rapidly in the last twenty years. This is because of both high rate of natural increase in the population and also because of great deal of migration from other parts of the country. This makes the original settlements of Bangkok grow in to Samut Prakan.

Hypothesis 2: ” Comparison types of shops and serviced cluster near to each other in Samut Prakan town center, but convenience types do not”

Most of the comparison goods and services like to cluster near each other in the city center. Because they are selling the types of goods and services that customers like to compare types, styles and prices before they buy. The convenience goods shops like to keep away from each other and more evenly spread out because they are selling the types of goods and serviced that they buy more frequently and are less interested in comparing types before they buy.


A. As we drive to Samut Prakan, along Sri Nakanrin Road we recorded the land use on both sides of the bus for every 500m. When driving back from Samut Prakan on Sukumvit Road, we do the same. We record the use of the land by using the following categories: Commercial, Industrial, and Housing, Building site, Agricultural and Derelict land. To do this accurately we had to concentrate on the sides of this road while the car is moving.

B. When arrived in Samut Prakan, the bus parked at a Government building. In order to complete the hypothesis, we have to record indications, such as particular functions and services in Samut Prakan. In our group we recorded electronic store as comparison goods and services and record minimarts as convenience goods. We made our way along Sri Samut Road. And up to Thanon Dengew. Then we crossed the bridge and walked up to Thanon Pra Kon Chai. We also walked into every streets existed on the map and record the type of functions that we were ask to record.

Hypothesis 1:

The results of hypothesis 1 show that the use of the land along Sri Nakarin road and along Sukumvit road is developed. Along both road on both sides the percentage of the developed land are over 70%. One result from the right of the Sri Nakarin road has the percentage of developed land is 94%. This means that only 6% is developing and will soon be fully developed.

Hypothesis 2

The results of hypothesis 2 shows the number of different functions exist in the town center of Samut Prakan. The numbers of convenience goods are more spread out all over the town but the numbers of comparison goods and services are mostly centered in the central business district of the town center. The results are shown differently for each sections of the town depending on the size of the sectors. The pie chart of the number of comparisons good do not have similar sector size, they are very different. But the pie chart that shows the number of convenience goods has similar size. For instance, in section 4 the comparison shops has the biggest sector but when looking at another pie chart the sectors are all very similar sizes.

Conclusion and Evaluation

From the results of the first hypothesis, it is cleared that Bangkok’s rapid growth has already merged in to the town of Samut Prakan. By looking at the land use of both roads is mostly developed into commercial and industrial land. Most of the undeveloped land is building sites, which means that soon enough they will become fully developed. This proved that the hypothesis is true

From the results of the second hypothesis, it is quite clear that the comparison shops like electronic store cluster near together in the central business district of Samut Prakan. Especially in section four, which has 3 electrical stores, comparing to section six, which has none. There is also obvious result from the convenience shop like mini marts. In every sections of the town there is one or more minimart in the area. Most of the mini marts’ s location are well spaced out unlike electronic store which are near each other. From these results we now know that the hypothesis is true.