Financial interested in learning how a problem occurred

Financial integration has aided in higher investment and international risk sharing opportunities, whereas the problem of financial crisis and contagion are inevitable. Therefore, there are increasing concerns about financial security and has increased the demand of critical thinkers to make informed decisions using a wealth of financial and non-financial information. As a finance student, I am always interested in learning how a problem occurred in one part of the globe overwhelms the economy in another corner of the world creating imbalances in trade and financial inflows. My further interest is in equipping myself with strong quantitative and analytical skills, coupled with finance theories, to pursue a career in a broad set of global financial issues.  In the light of these interests, I believe Finance Ph.D. program will provide me with a satisfying and challenging career path.   


As outlined in my resume, I plan to graduate in May 2018 with M.S. Finance from University of Nevada, Reno. During my M.S. Finance program, I have had the opportunity to take various classes that have prepared me academically to further my education. As a Graduate Assistant of three different professors at University of Nevada, Reno, I have helped professors in grading tests and assignments, conducting examinations, and preparing class handouts. Professionally, I am working as a Staff Accountant at Sands Regency Casino Hotel where I am responsible to analyze financial trends for variances. I have also worked in leading banks and investment companies, which has allowed me to achieve hands-on experience on various issues including assets management, liquidity and cash flow management, customer support, and credit-related issues. As a summer intern, I have learned the mechanisms of stock markets, bonds, and derivative markets. I believe my diverse professional background and strong academic ability has prepared me to complete Finance Ph.D. program successfully.


As a Finance Ph.D. student, I would like to probe specific problem areas, such as the application of quantitative analysis to understand various issues in global finance to improve financial decision making, and effect of the increase in global communications on corporate finance decisions. Financial market development of emerging market countries is my area of interest. I am always keen to learn about the impact of economic changes of developed countries in the economy of developing countries. For example, China’s high debt level, negative interest rate policy of Japan, Brexit shock, loss of global equity market, US Politics, and OPEC agreements. These economic changes affect the accessibility to financial market for diversification and are the factors contributing to the market variations, volatility, and liquidity for the emerging financial markets. In light of these issues, I am interested in few research topics like market microstructure, derivatives pricing and risk management, impacts of emerging corporate debts, and advanced financial econometrics.


As I understand, University of Georgia (UGA) is the birth place of public higher education and have a strong finance faculty reputation and editorial experience. Getting admitted to the Finance Ph.D. program will allow me to work with nation’s largest and leading finance faculties whose research works are published in top finance journals and are ranked in the top 20 of finance departments at public universities. Collaborative learning environment, strong academic reputation, and global perspectives are some of the characteristics that I value when I look for Ph.D. programs and I believe UGA curriculum matches these expectations. I sincerely hope to become a part of this dynamic UGA culture, which will give me an edge to work effectively with diverse teams and situations.