Fireside Poets

The First Snowfall



Hampton Beach

The First Snowfall blurb
dead daughter kissed in the snow

Auspex blurb
birds leave nest for winter

Snowbound blurb
staying inside; trapped by the snow

Hampton Beach blurb
keeping your quiet place-beach

Lowell writing style
writes about death of children and wife; uses rhyme and rhythm, sad, melancholic tone

Lowell Bio
Suspended from harvard, poet of his class, “The Pioneer” was their first work – magazine, wife passed away and free of four infants died, death is a mystery (gout in arm or cancer)

definition of tone
the writer’s attitude towards his or her subject, characters, or audience. Revealed through writer’s choice of words and portrayal of characters and events

Whitter’s writing style
writes about abolition, nature, and religion; iamb tetrameter (snowbound), great, vivid imagery

whittier bio
Shoemaker and teacher, quaker, abolitionist, poor family background, uneducated, poet, journalist, editor, Didn’t get fame until later in life, grew up on a farm

Imagery definition
refers to words or phrases that create mental pictures that appeal to one or more of the five senses, mostly sight

The Skeleton in Armor

The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls

A Psalm of Life

The Arsenal at Springfield

The Skeleton in Armor blurb
skeleton found – viking story

The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls blurb
traveler leaving footprints – ocean – good impression while it lasts

A Psalm of Life blurb
footprints for encouragement like the men before

Arsenal at Springfield blurb
arsenal as an organ – terrible sound of war

Longfellow’s writing style
focused on history of early America; optimistic mood; iambic meter, evoked emotion, uses rhyme and rythem

Longfellow bio
most popular poet of his time because of his variety of themes, quit successful teaching career for poetry, only poet to have a statue in the poets corner, spent 4 years studying in europe, criticized for being overly optimistic, Writing got darker when wife died

stanza definiton
unit of poetry organized into units; arranged according to rhyme and meter, or rhythm.

Rhyme scheme defintion
different letters with the different rhymes

2 line stanza

3 line stanza

4 line stanza

5 line stanza

6 line stanza

8 line stanza

The Chambered Nautilus

Old Ironsides

The Chambered Nautilus blurb
nautilus moving on from past – closing the chambers of the past

Old Ironsides blurb
USS Constitution – don’t want to be turned into toothpicks, better for it to sink

Holmes writing style
metaphors (nautilus), iamb and trochee, rhyme, rhythm, meter, comparisons between concrete and abstract things

Holmes bio
graduated from harvard and was a doctor, teacher and dean at dartmouth, son was a famous civil war veteran, professor of anatomy, studied law and medicine, wrote poetry for fun, descendent of Anne Bradstreet

meter definition
arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables

foot definition
basic unit of meter

scansion definition
the analysis of the meter of poetry

1 foot

2 feet

3 feet

4 feet

5 feet

6 feet

u /

/ u

u u /

/ u u

Success is counted sweetest

A narrow fellow in the grass

As imperceptibly as greif

Hope is the thing with feathers

I never saw a moor

How happy is the little stone

Success is counted sweetest blurb
Dying man knows victory better

A narrow fellow in the grass blurb
Snake in grass

As imperceptibly as grief blurb
Grief slowly passing

Hope is the thing with feathers blurb
Bird -> hope in soul

I never saw a moor blurb
Never seen heaven

How happy is the little stone blurb
Wants to be like the stone -> carefree

Dickinson writing style
Mostly iamb, quatrain, tetra meter and trimester, visual rhymes, failed relationships influenced poems, wrote with no punctuation – only dashes, irregular rhyme and meter, abab and abcb, unique style, concrete imagery, forceful language

Dickinson bio
The people they came in contact with had a major impact on their writing, well educated, dedicated writer in her 20s, unsociable in later years, never married, dressed in only white in later years, studied botany, 1775 poems

This is my letter to the world

This is my letter to the world blurb
Saying don’t judge her writing

Central idea or insight into the life that the writer conveys in a work of literature. Sometimes directly stated or implied

Manner in which the writer puts his or her ideas into words

Simile/ metaphor
Comparisons between 2 unlike things (smile uses like or as)