First copyrightX is the great chance to learn

First of all, I want to admit that copyrightX is the great chance to learn and deepen your knowledge leading the great lecturer and of course the best university in the whole world Harvard. As I’m an international law student in Tbilisi State University, also I work as an executive secretary and board member of “Georgian Young constitutionalists’ association”, it’s extremely interesting for me to have chance attending this course about Copyright law and get to know with the international standards and innovations. I think that I have the ability to ensure implementation of received information not for my own but in general, for the wide masses. Copyright laws let creators control their works. By assigning exclusive rights to copyright holders, the laws ensure that only the originators and those who receive their permission can copy, perform or change the works.Copyright protects the ability of someone to profit from his creative work, but the protection is not absolute, that’s why we have to work on that issue harder, we cannot find the ideal solution but we need to refine the legislation and its enforcement. Extend and make more reliable international norms and national laws on copyright and related rights, while recognizing that the promotion of creativity and cultural and information production is an important public interest.To demonstrate its importance to culture and society, copyright is recognized as one of the Human Rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.The internet and lower costs of communication mean that copyright works can be made available more easily, so we have to raise awareness, know our rights and be ready to protect our own and other people’s creativity, that’s why I need to have the chance learn this course.The minimum standards of copyright protection are contained in the Berne Convention, which was developed in 1886. There are currently 164 national signatories. Enforcement is supported by raising public awareness of copyright issues, and by more specific training of judicial and policing staff in relation to copyright.I think that, as a citizen of the Democratic country, Republic of Georgia, it’s our dignity to be protected against violence; our constitution gives us a guarantee of protecting our creativity and the result of this process.Achieving the right balance between protecting the rights of creators over their works and the access to those works by others is one of the key objectives of copyright law.A sound copyright legal framework is the cornerstone of creativity and innovation. To achieve our community’s goals in education and publishing, and in other areas of economic and cultural development, there must be an effective, harmonized framework of international copyright law.It will be honor and also a privilege for me to have a chance participate and use this great opportunity. It will boost my enthusiasm to work harder, make differences and change for good.