Footsteps Around the World

Ever since I was little, I had always wanted to travel around the world, seeing the panoramas people defined as ‘heaven on earth’. With no doubts, I had no wish to travel at an elder age but to travel when energy and enthusiasm still sided with me. This was the aim I had set for myself at an early age and it is still one today but there is much difference in those two times. Then, I had no idea how I could accomplish my target. Now, I stand with a passport in my hand, ready to achieve myambition.

It all started with a conversation our family had thirteen years ago about each of our goals for the near and distant future. I told them this dream and each of them smiled. It wasn’t the first time they had heard that dream being told over and over again, each with a portrayal of a specific place.

“Have you heard of the Napali Coast in Hawaii? It’s a coast that cannot be reached by hiking on land, but can only be accessed by getting on a boat at Hanalei where you would curve around the jagged rocks in the sea. A scene in the movie ‘King Kong’ was filmed there too. That’s another place…”

“You want to go,” my mom finished for me and then started her same old lecture, “If you set your heart on something, anything is possible and if you have perseverance, your goal will be accomplished. People who don’t work hard end up at unpleasant jobs.”

She paused and looked at me, expecting me to nod in understanding, “If you want to travel around the world as a first class passenger like you did before once and you set a goal to travel first class again, then you’ll work hard in your university years and get a good GPA. Don’t be lazy and chat with your friends on msn all the time. That’s how your grade dropped in 9th grade, remember? Oh and then there’s also another time when you got two F’s in 6th grade, remember?”

“Don’t talk about the past. She’s already learned,” My dad said but then he smacked me on the head with his next words, “All she has to do is work very extremely cruelly hard to do so. Maybe she could just invent something that can be sold all over the world. Think about it. If this one item becomes a need all over the world, we need only one baht credit for each item. Think of how many people there are in this world. We can also be the manufacturers and trade this by ourselves.” He made a face filled with thoughts of logic and reason.

That idea has stuck with me forever. Just inventing this one object would allow me to achieve my aim…I continued to study hard during my first and second years in university. The third year however, was difficult on me. I had new friends and my school work became a third priority instead of the first. My first priority became parties every night with my new friends. My dream faded away like a fog disappearing into a lake in the early morn of winter. My grades slowly fell below C, and then it became a D. One night, after many months had passed, I received a telephone call from my parents.

They spoke through the speaker microphone in their bedroom, “Hello! So, is your life okay? Has your dreamed change?”

“I’m fine. Well, no my dream hasn’t changed.” I answered uncertainly.

“We miss you… Hope everything’s fine.” My parents talked on about the events going on at home and then hung up. I sat and listened to the dial tone with blank thoughts. How long has it been since I really thought of that dream? Late that night, I didn’t sleep but lied in my bed all alone thinking. My parent’s words drew nearer to me as though those words had gone on a journey somewhere and are now back… “If you set your heart on something and don’t give up, anything is possible.” “If you invent one object that will be needed by everyone in this world, one baht credit per item is all you need…”

After that, I became who I used to be once again. Two years later after my graduation, I was an inch from completing my aim to travel the world. I didn’t invent an object that would be used by everyone, but I did create many programs that would be widely used. I set up my own business where I supplied other companies with easy-to-use office programs such as my eminent accounting program and my quick translation program that is based on sentence translating instead of words. Games, especially RPG games, were also manufactured and they became one of the most enjoyable games. After just five years, I got what I wanted when Microsoft bought my company. I was ready to travel the world.

My time has come and I thanked my parents for inspiring me to get what I had always wanted, but most importantly, I had also set a goal to be happy and that too, succeeded.

… In one way, the gateway was just a ramp that would allow me to get on the plane but in another, it was a bridge that joined my dream with reality at last.