For by computers only. My final year project

For me, Mechanical Engineering is nothing but solving minute but significant problems by studying, learning and exploring the vast majority of mechanical subjects and applying that knowledge to solve problems related to real life, of course with the help of sound knowledge in Mathematics and Computers.During my High school, I found that my significant strength and enjoyment in math was in vectors, differential and integral calculus, numerical methods and mechanics. That leads me to pursuing career in Mechanical Engineering. I learned fundamentals of solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, ic engine, manufacturing engineering, operation research, mechanical design, computer aided design, material science and mechanical measurement. At the same time I was introduced to and have subsequently become proficient in the use of SolidWorks, AutoCAD and Matlab software packages as well as increasing my English technical writing and communication skills. Summer internship at NTPC Power plant (Combined cycle power plant) learned all aspects of thermal and power plant engineering. There I learned first time about importance of automation in the industry because the whole plant was operated automatically by computers only. My final year project was design and development of prototype for natural water cooler. During the project, I led a group of three students in fabricating the complete setup. My role involved the design of the full setup using CAD and analysis of it by calculating heat transfer rate and coefficient.A link between undergraduate and postgraduate study is the GATE examination. I have got 4650 rank out of 185,578 students who appeared for GATE in Mechanical Engineering in the year of 2014, being placed among the top 2.5 % of all the students who had written this examination which made my fundamental of mechanical engineering very strong. Therefore, I got an admission in one of the top Indian college with a scholarship of 12400 Rupees per month ( ~ 245 CAD $), offered by MHRD Department, India.Throughout course of graduation in Materials Engineering, I learned subjects like Steels and Heat treatment, Corrosion Engineering, Advanced Welding Technology, Materials Characterization, Advanced Physical Metallurgy and High-Temperature Materials. One month internship regarding “Prediction of spring-back error in V-bending by using neural networks” in which learned about one important tool of MATLAB software (ANN) and gain some knowledge of Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical Engineering. During my final year project titled ‘Auto-combustion Synthesized Complex Transparent Conducting Oxide Systems For Electronic Applications’ in which I learned about how printed electronics using inorganic materials changing conventional silicon-based electronic technology and taking it to the newer level. I presented a conference paper on “Formulation of IZTO nanoparticles based on semiconducting ink using auto-combustion synthesis.” In addition to that, I presented Paper at International Conference on Ceramic & Advanced Materials for Energy and Environment, Mangalore. For that, I won the best poster presentation award at an international conference. During my final year project, I gain knowledge of software like XRD Expert and Origin 9.0 and learned various practical techniques for materials characterization. This made me have a good research work experience. Throughout my undergraduate and graduate programme, I’ve kept an fabulous academic record.Apart from that, I have one and a half year of sound work experience in teaching at assistant professor level, where I dealt with subjects such as Design of Mechanical Elements, Theory of Machines and Engineering Graphics. For that reason, I would be pleased if given a research or a teaching assistantship because, in addition to lessen the financial burden on me, it would also advantageous for me to participate in various conferences and tech shows in Canada which means a lot for my career.It is my interest to transcend in the fields of  Mechanical system design, Robotics and FEA to a position of immense. I want to expose myself to the outer limits of specialized knowledge of these fields. A thorough knowledge of computers is also crucial in this field for Mechanical engineer to be successful. I have taken a computer courses in C-Language, C++ and I am well familiar with mechanical software namely AUTOCAD, SolidWorks, and MATLAB. Although, recent demands for Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Self-Driving cars, Electric cars, robotics and sensors which means potential change in mechanical, fundamental is never going to change.However, I strongly believe that theoretical knowledge alone is of little useful unless it is gain along with practical knowledge. Because of good co-op program offered by your university, I believe this is the most suitable for me because it gives me a good experience in the industry, which makes a difference from rest of others.After going through your university website I came to know that by studying graduate at your university, I would be able to venture out into various subject domains and also develop a strong sense of independence coupled with responsibility and self-reliance. Your university with its unique graduate program in Mechanical Engineering and with its commitment to cultivate intellectual excellence is phenomenal and attractive to embark upon an academic career. I shall look forward to a challenging career in industrial research which may even be taxing and demanding at times but I am confident that with my sincere effort and dedication, I will be able to make a meaningful contribution to the ongoing research developments and live up to the high standards expected off your university.Finally, due to my strong academics background, Research experience, and teaching experience, I strongly believe that I am the good fit for your University. Thanks for your valuable consideration.