For the right image of a region. Similarly

For the success of any organization and business , Advertising and Marketing  holds and plays a vital role which is missing in the case of tourism in the north east states. The potential of Northeast India tourism needs to boost up  and huge amount of background work needs to be done to attain the glory of the state . Some of the points are discussed as below. 1)The awareness amongst the local population regarding the tourism is very important as it is a source of income for which the state can organize various seminars and advertising through media and newspaper. 2) The role of media is very important which can help in depicting the right image of a region. Similarly in this  case the state is more focused on the militancy rather than the development of its natural beauty.

 3) For the involvement and engagement of tourism hospitality, honesty and respect has to be induced in the minds of the localites towards the tourists especially the foreigners. 4)There should be  proper verification and recognition of the tour operators and the service they provide as in many cases it turned out to be false which resulted in negative image of the state. The operators may be provided incentives so that they can work religiously so that they can  publicize the tourist potential of North East and bring forward attractive packages to attract the tourist as it is the best way to connect with the people since they have a huge network therefore proper utilization of the same should be done by the government. 5)Since the prices of the accomodation provided is high and which also did not meet up with the expectations of the people there should be incentives and reduction in tariffs for hotels swhich are situated  in remote locations by the government. 6)There should be proper widespread of knowledge towards tourism and  more professional courses on tourism should be rolled out for the citizens so that they can recognize the importance of tourism .

7)There should be  public-private-partnership in regions where Government Investment is not enough for the development of the city like building of roads, bridges, lodges etc as in the north east state the main problem is of poor infrastructure which is the main cause of decline in the tourism in the state.8)There are many  entry restrictions and barriers that are prevaling  in the  interstate transportation in major states like Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Mizoram which should be removed as it does not provide free movement which causes decline in the tourism. 9)There should be generation of motivation and erge among the citizens to promote tourism which can be done through providing or fecilitating awards  for the best service among the various states which can help in generating revenues for the state.10) At the last the goevrnment should more focus on the underdeveloped part of the region rather than developing the developed part like Sikkim, Magaland etc due to whgich the underdeveloped part is not been able to generate revenue due to which the tourism is hindered as it is not well connected. At the end  the government should realize the urgency and importance of promoting tourism in Northeast and for the same they should arrange tourism fest for the state which cana also help in generating revenue and will also spread knowledge regarding the same and as a result the complaint of the people that they are left isolated will also be solved as they will be more connected withe the people and the other part of India will also get to know why Meghalaya is called “Abode of Clouds” or Manipur is called “The Jewel of India”.