Foundations II- Poetry Term III Quiz

Shakespearian/English Sonnet Form
three quatrains and a couplet

Italian/Petrarchan Sonnet Form
octet and sestet

4 line stanza

2 line stanza, sends off the sonnet at the end

8 line stanza

6 line stanza

to send off, used for couplets, from french envoyer

Iambic Pentameter
5 lines each 10 syllables that follow the pattern unstressed stressed

the omission of a sound while speaking

english sonnet rhyme
abab cdcd efef gg

italian sonnet rhyme
octet is abba abba, sestet varies

written for someone who is dead

Elegy example
Mid Term Break Seamus Heaney

Landscape Meditation example
Dover Beach Matthew Arnold

Picture Poem example
In Media Res Michael McFee

Dramatic Monologue
Writer creates a character who gives a speech or tells a story

Dramatic Monologue example
My Last Duchess Robert Browning

Ballad example
La Belle Dame sans Merci John Keats

In praise of something, no required rhyme scheme

Ode examples
To Autumn John Keats Ode on a Grecian Urn John KeatsOde to the Reel Mower Jim Daniels

19 line poem of 5 tercets and a quatrain

3 line stanza

Villanelle examples
Do Not Go Gentle Dylan ThomasOne Art Elizabeth Bishop

Sonnet Examples
Shall I Compare Thee William ShakespeareMy Mistress’ Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun William ShakespeareOn First Looking into Chapman’s Homer John KeatsIf I should chance Edna St.

Vincent Millay

grouped set of lines within a poem

Shall I compare thee
william shakespeare, sonnet

my mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun
william shakespeare, sonnet

on first looking into chapman’s homer
john keats, sonnet

if i should chance
edna st. vincent millay

do not go gentle
dylan thomas, villanelle

one art
elizabeth bishop, villanelle

to autumn
john keats, ode

ode on a grecian urn
john keats, ode

ode to the reel mower
jim daniels, ode

la belle dame sans merci
john keats, ballad

my last duchess
robert browning, dramatic monologue

mid term break
seamus heaney, elegy

in media res
michael mcfee, picture poem

dover beach
matthew arnold, landscape meditation