Today I am presenting myself to you all to give my views on how strongly I believe that fox hunting should be banned.

The traditional fox hunt has normally about seven people, on horses, and about eight to sixteen hounds. Trained from birth, these hound dogs are trained to kill other animals in a horrific and brutal way.

If a fox is seen during the hunting trip, the lead huntsman blows the hunters horn and the dogs chase the fox. The hunters follow not far behind on horseback. The fox is sometimes chased for hours. Occasionally the fox may retreat to an abandoned badger or fox hole, but if that happens they are smoked out or dug out, and then thrown to the viscous teeth. If the fox doesn’t manage to escape death for a few minutes more, and doesn’t find a hole, it has to carry on going. When it is too weak to run away anymore, the hounds go and basically rip the terrified fox into pieces.

Not only is fox-hunting a cold-blooded and cruelly connected sport, it is also seen as a perfectly natural sport! Tell me if I’m wrong but isn’t sport meant to be fun? Killing animals… I can not see how that can be fun.. I certainly couldn’t gain any pleasure from killing somewhat perfectly innocent creatures.

Ok, yes some people such as farmers say that foxes are pests and that they should be either culled, or even completely wiped out. Well if we do cull them, how can we tell which foxes are the ‘pests’, the ones that do kill about an estimated average 2.67% of England’s farm animals a year, and about 0.53% of pets a year.

Personally I think that the population of people is rising too fast, and are we going to do something about it??

No…Maybe we should cull humans, but who should we murder? Babies, ‘bad’ people, deaf people, old people.. after all they have lived for a fair amount of time already.

When are these unpleasant people going to be stopped?! How many animals are they going to slaughter before someone is strong enough to stand up and convince everyone that it is wrong to kill foxes or other animals. Just because the hunters, the predators are a hell of a lot stronger than the victims. The victims that have as much of a right to live as anyone!

The facts are that most of us eat meat. Chicken, lamb, pork, beef you name it. Foxes also eat meat. We have to go to the supermarket to get our food, our meat, whereas foxes have to look for food, for. We aren’t going to go all the way to London just to get meat if we live in Salisbury. We will go to the nearest place to save us from getting hungrier. As I’ve said before, foxes have to go out and search, and they aren’t going to go searching for food all night if they can get some quicker, by taking chances. All I am trying to say is that Foxes mainly kill ‘our farm animals’ to feed on. Foxes don’t kill us, but humans kill them for pleasure, or revenge having a prize chicken killed for food.

Would you kill an animal for pleasure, for fun, or revenge?

I definitely wouldn’t kill a creature for trying to survive, let alone for pleasure. I’d rather kill myself!.

What would you do? Would you murder a fox cub, or a baby? At the end of the day, if people were ‘culled’… no matter how innocent, how young or how defenceless, anyone could be thrown to the hounds.