Franklin array of extracurricular activates which hurt his

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born January 30th, 1882. He was the 32nd president of the United states of America, serving a total of four terms which lasted twelve years. Starting on march 4th 1933 till his death on April 12th 1945. Franklin D. Roosevelt is the only president to be elected four times. He was stricken with polio in 1921, and was in a wheel chair all four years of his presidency. While he was in office though he did many great things for our country like creating the new deal, leading the united states through the great depression, and even initiated over thirty fireside chats.  Roosevelt childhood was filled with many privileges because his family was very wealthy. When he was only fourteen years old he was sent to Groton School. Groton is a private school that only the wealthy were able to send their kids to. This school was meant to make kids both mentally and physically stronger. Roosevelts years at this school were not easy though, Groton only rewarded the boys who were the best athletes or show a bit of a rebellious streak. Franklin had neither of these qualities which made fitting into the school difficult for him. When he wrote to his parents he didn’t tell them this though.  he wanted to make it seem like his time there was smooth ailing and easy going. So, in his letter home he never mentioned any of his struggles to both of his parents.     After Franklin D. Roosevelt graduated from Groton he went on to a higher education at Harvard. While he was away at college his father passed away, causing Roosevelt to get involved in a wide array of extracurricular activates which hurt his GPA. He graduated with an undergraduate degree and went back for a year of graduate work. While doing this though he also got interested in women as well. He proposed to a woman by the name of Alice Sohier. She turned him down and he quickly got interested in his distant cousin Eleanor Roosevelt. The fell in love as young adults. They got married on march 17th 1905. Together they had six children between the years of 1906-1916.  Roosevelt ran for senate in the state of New York from Duchess county.  his wealth and family name helped him win the election by over a thousand votes. This caused a split in the republican party between conservative and progressive. In the senate Roosevelt was a firm supporter of farmers in the district. His views were very progressive. He wanted to create and maintain a fair and equal society. Franklin D Roosevelt was president for four terms lasting twelve years. This happened because during his presidency World War II had started and the government wanted the people to focus on winning the war rather than trying to elect a new president. By his fourth term the allies had started winning the war. After FDR died and president Harry Truman had taken over in office congressed proposed a law that limited president to two terms in office. This became the 22nd amendment to the constitution and was passed in 1951.    October 29th 1929, the day the stock market crashed causing the most severe economic crisis yet. In 1933 when Franklin D Roosevelt took office he acted quickly to create more jobs to get people back to work and stabilize the economy. Throughout the next eight years there were many experimental projects and programs instituted by the government. These programs were known as the new deal. Many people say that these programs and projects changed America forever. Fire side chats were radio broadcasts that Franklin D. Roosevelt used the fireside chats to address the people about the problems going on in America at that time. They were held between 1933- 1944. Some of the topics he addressed were banking systems in America, unemployment, and fighting fascism in Europe.  during these radio broadcasts franklin D. Roosevelt was not actually sitting beside a fireplace, he sat behind his desk and spoke into a microphone. Harry butcher, a reporter at CBS, used the term fireside chats and it stuck. Franklin D. Roosevelt was president for a majority of world war two. After he passes his vice president Harry S. Truman took office for the last four months of the war. During Roosevelts presidency the US took on the surprise attack at pearl harbor. With his leadership we were able to rebound from that attack. America nearly had victories in both Europe and the pacific by the time he had passed away. After he passed Harry S. Truman took matters into his own hands and dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki forever changing japan.     For most of Roosevelts adult years he was in a wheelchair. This is because he was stricken with the polio virus and eventually paralyzed. His symptoms first started showing when he went to visit his family’s cottage in Canada. No one knew where he caught the virus but they believe he contracted it when he went to a boy scout camp in New York right before the family cottage visit. Many were surprised when he was finally diagnosed with polio, it is very uncommon for a middle-aged person to contract the disease.  Poliomyelitis or polio is a potentially deadly or crippling disease which is caused by the poliovirus. The virus can cause paralysis by invading an infected persons brain and spinal cord. This is what caused Franklin Roosevelt to be in a wheelchair for most of his adult years. This is not what killed him though, he died because of an Intracerebral Hemorrhage. An Intracerebral Hemorrhage is when a diseased blood vessel in the brain bursts which allows blood to leak inside the brain. The increase in pressure can damage brain cells and can cause unconsciousness and death.  In my opinion, Franklin D. Roosevelt was a great president in his day. I do feel that marrying his distant cousin is a controversial topic but overall, he was a good man. I think if he was the president in this day he would do just fine. Even though he had polio and was stuck in a wheelchair for a majority of his adult life he always stayed level headed and made the decisions based on what he felt was best for his country.