From punishments. Say for instance… in a state

From my perspective, the law enforcement in the Unites States are a lot (at least that’s how it looks to me) different than the ones in different countries. Policing in the United States is conducted by “close to 18,000 federal, state, local and city departments”. Every state has its own nomenclature for agencies, and their powers, responsibilities and funding vary from state to state. The law enforcement organisation in the US are branching off to larger types of police such as federal level, state, county, municipal and other agencies specialised. Each of these branches have their own individual agencies that specifies in certain areas, city, districts etcetera. In US, the police officers give their best not to get attached emotionally in certain situations as that might influence judgements on that case, but in other countries, police officers attach theirself emotionally, however most of them do that so they gain trust from the other party and I guess that’s how it goes sometimes. Law enforcement operates primarily through governmental police agencies. The law-enforcement purposes of these agencies are the investigation of suspected criminal activity, referral of the results of investigations to the courts, and the temporary detention of suspected criminals pending judicial action. Other duties may include the service and enforcement of warrants, writs, and other orders of the courts. Law enforcement agencies are also involved in showing response to emergency calls and other threats to the public’s safety, the protection of certain public facilities such as City Hall, the maintenance of your regular public order, protection of public officials and the operation of some correctional facilities. Police in other countries are generally trained to de-escalate hostile situations and use minimal violence in response to a threat. There are examples of similar restrictions for how to respond to gun violence. For instance, inn Finland, officers have to get permission from a superior officer before shooting. In Spain, officers should fire a warning shot, then aim for non-vital body parts, before resorting to lethal shooting. “In the United States, you only shoot to kill. You only use deadly force,” he says.I feel like in the US, officers are paying more attention to their trainings than other countries, therefore the some noticeable better quality in some cases. In the US, each state has it’s own laws and penal code, which basically allows to different laws and punishments. Say for instance… in a state somethin you do might get you arrested and in another state would get you only a verbal warning. However, I personally think that it derutes people a lot when traveling because you don’t know if you’re allowed to do what you were doing at your home, and something you do there which isn’t punishable there might get you in jail in another state, so that’s really confusing to me.