Game adaptation of Mr&Mrs Smith

I propose the adaptation of the film “Mr&Mrs Smith” into a computer game. As in any adaptation, there will be some changes made in this also, and taking into consideration the changes made, the type of this adaptation will fall under the borrowing type of adaptation(loose relationship betewwn the source text and the adaptation) not the fidelity effect(closely relating the adaptation to the source text). Changes will regard mainly subtracting some scenes and characters that, in my opinion, are not required for the game genre. The plot will somehow stay the same(changes to the plot will be explained later).

The computer game will be divided into levels, meaning that before proceeding to the next level a player must successfully complete the preceding level. The game will also have different levels of difficulty, meaning that a player before starting the game may chose the level of difficulty and then proceed with the game and accomplishing different levels. There will be two protagonists Mr and Mrs Smith (names borrowed from the film) that will sue a variety styles nad tactics of fighting in order to accomplish the task. Lets proceed with the plot of the source text. The action of the film “Mr&Mrs Smith” is placed in the XXI century.

As the title informs us the two main characters are Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The couple have been married for “five-six years” (as per Mr. Smith). The movie starts at the marriage counselor’s office, where Mr and Mrs Smith are getting some marriage counseling. The main plot of the film concerns how their careers and their personal lives intermingled. Mr and Mrs Smith work for competing organizations that specialize in eliminating “unsuitable” people for money. Both of them kill targets that are determined by their organizations. Neither one knows about the other spouse true identity.

One day both of them get an order to kill the same person. The ‘job’ was supposed to be perfect and clean, no witnesses because the ‘job site’ happens to be on a dessert. However, at the job site each of them realize that there is another person who also came to kill that target. First they aim at the target then at each other not knowing that the other person is their spouse. They leave the job without eliminating the target nor the competition. After this incidence both of them are trying to find out who was their competition. When they find out that their competition was their own spouse the action of the film begins.

Mr and Mrs Smith engage in the actions that will harm and threaten the other spouse in order to find out if the marriage was a cover up for spying on the competition. There is lots of shootings, special effects, funny scenes, etc. The turning point is when they discover that they have been played by their organizations. The two organizations wanted to eliminate the couple because of their marriage. In order to achieve it they set up the same target for both of them and wait till they kill each other. After discovering this Mr and Mrs Smith join their strengths to fight against their organizations. They win that fight.

Again lots of shooting, special effects, fight tactics, etc. As in many movies, in this movie there is a happy ending too. Mr and Mrs Smith realize that they still love and want to be with each other. (1) Changing the medium of the story will somehow change the content of the story. A computer game has some characteristics that should be reflected in the adaptation. For instance a game have to require player’s engagement, actions, and decision making. On top of that some characteristics of the story would have to be changed, for instance, subtracting some characters, adding sound effects, expressing the game in 3D effects.

Therefore I would like to start from the beginning about my idea of adaptation of the film “Mr&Mrs Smith” into a computer game. First I would like to introduce the reader to the concept of the game, the game genres, and the characteristics that the game is defined as a game not as a musical or a play. First of all, a game is a structured or semi-structured activity undertaken for enjoyment, it involves hypothetical one- or multi-dimensional visual world created by a computer tat has rules regarding how to play.

A game involves active engagement from the player by involving mental and physical stimulation. (2,3) There are many types of game genres some of them are as follow action, adventure, fighting, role-playing, platform games,strategy, simulations, sports, rhythm-dance, puzzle, collector, racer, etc. It is difficult to define a particular game as to belong only to one genre; therefore, games; even though, they have elements form other genres, are defined as to how closely they fall under given genre. (4,5)

The “Mr&Mrs Smith” game would fall under the action/fighting genre because the emphasis is on the player’s/character’s action that must be taken in order to win the game. The character must fight using guns, weapons, hand-fighting tactics, in order to achieve a certain goal, which would be in this case finding a hidden box in the last level, but to get into that level a player must complete other levels before.

A player would control over the played character, by having the option to use variety of different body moves, and also would have options as to what type of fight tactics to use, e. g. and, gun, knife, etc. As in many games “Tomb Rider” or “Counter Strike” the outcome of the game is never known, the player may loose or win, but those two actions are still not the same each time, the player may win in shorter or longer time, with different number of points, etc, or loose at different levels, etc. Therefore the game is highly defined by unpredictability regarding the actions of the players, I cannot say that each level will last for 40 min for example since the player may want to play certain level for 2 hours or only for 20 min, it depends on the skills that the player has in that kind of games.

Therefore, I cannot say that the game will have certain plot and certain ending, what I can define are the levels of the game, levels of difficulty, how a player may go to the higher levels, what abilities will a character have at different levels (for example points may be exchanged for different kinds of weapons), and how the game ends(not when), by defining the item that must be found and destroyed, the item can only be found at the last level. However, the duration of one level on average would take a regular player 40 min to complete, which gives the approximate time of the game to be approximately 4. hours, including intro and the clip in between stages. Those clips will be only 5 min long, because no one who wants to play a game wants to watch a short movie before the game, that is why I decided to keep the clips as short as possible. The game will have the same protagonists, Mr and Mrs Smith, that at first stage they are fighting against each other, and at the second stage with each other against joint enemy. There will be an option as to either be Mr Smith or Mrs Smith.

Since in the film the two characters either fight against each other or with each other, a game needs to address the question what happens if there is only one player, against whom or with whom the player will be fighting. If there is only one player there will be an option that this player may choose either to have a computer guided spouse-enemy and then partner, or to start from the level where the spouses, are together and fight with joint enemy. At that level one player will not need the other spouse to be present since they are on they own in fighting.

Either option would give a player a choice as to either play alone or to play against and then with computer guided spouse. The game will be divided into three stages; the introduction, the I-stage, and the II-stage. The introduction informs the viewer about the characters, a married contract-killers couple and the main problem. In the I-action players will already play, they will play against each other similar to the film where Mr and Mrs Smith are antagonists of each other. In the II-stage players will play together in fighting the common enemy.

There will be a clip between the two stages showing the player that the two characters discovered that they were played by their companies and that since then they need to work together in fighting the enemy. The game will start with the small introduction about the story that the game involves. There will be a clip that shows the player that the game has two main characters. The game will have similar introduction to the film. The clip will show how they met in Columbia and how they fell in love. After that there will be a writing “five-six years later”.

The coming clip will show how they live, where they work, and how it turns out they work for competitors, and why they want to kill each other. The game will start from this point. On the monitor the players will see the options of the character they want to play(either Mr or Mrs Smith), when they pick one they like on the next screen titles of the levels will appear. A player must start with the first level which is the “house level”. Thereafter the player can pick the game wherever it was left off, but the player cannot jump up a level without successful completion of the preceding level.

And if two players play together both of them must successfully complete the level before any of them may proceed to the higher level. By this I mean that if one player has already collected a required number of points but the other has not then the first player must wait, either by not acting or by playing further and getting extra points, until the second one collects the required number of points. After both of them complete a level by collecting required number of points then they may proceed to the next level.

In order to complete a level a player must collect certain number of points by harming enemy (the other spouse in first stage and fighters in sdecond stage), by collecting firearms from around the place, and by getting bonus points that will be located in different places of the setting. The characters in the game will have multiple lives, as in many other games, eg”Tomb Rider”, a character will have a shield that gets the shoots, etc but when that shield is destroyed the character will die.

There would be three “deaths” allowed for one character for one game, however as I mentioned earlier a player may start the game from the last successfully completed level. Therefore, after he/she looses he/she may start from the level that the character was killed. I described the game how it would work for a player, game dynamics, the multi-player features, advancement rate, control options, background and setting, rate of play, winning and losing features, character development, and duration of game, but now I would like to focus on the features of the game such a sound and graphics.

In my opinion, the sound is one of the most important parts in a game because it gives the player the feelings of reality and by having well composed music and sounds will be half of the success of the game. The music must be dynamic, rapid, with sounds of shoots, noises when the player gets hit, sounds of cars, helicopters must also be included. Between levels there should be a different kind of music as to somehow disturb the player and make it more known that he/she has accomplished one level and is proceeding to another. As I mentioned there would be two clips, one as an introduction, second between two stages.

Both of those clips will also have lots of music, but the dialogs will be shortened. For example, a player does not need to know that they have marriage problems and that they go to marriage counselor therefore those scenes would be deleted from the game. As to make game more real, which is appreciated by players, I would propose to tape some scenes, for introduction and between stages, with the participation of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The graphics of the clips will be kept real by this I mean there would be real actors playing those roles in real settings.

The graphics of the game would be similar as to “Counter Strike” or “Tomb Rider” meaning that it would be 3D graphics. Those graphics would give a player an impression of reality, which once again is hight appreciated among players. The characters can hide behind objects as well as the enemies can, there would be bonus points hidden behind the objects, and there would be helicopters flying and vehicle driving. All those aspects will have to be expressed in 3D technology. On top of that the main characters will have a characteristics of real actors, Mr Smith in the game will resemble Brad Pitt and Mrs Smith will look similar to Angelina Jolie.

In conclusion I would like to say that other than keeping modified introduction of the story, and modified scene explaining that Mr and Mrs Smith now work together(between stages), the plot of the story would change a lot, since there would be only two few-minute clips that will not change from game to game, the rest of the story regarding actions of the couple and enemies will change as players change and as their actions change. By this I mean that each game will be different in details from another, but the context in which players play will be kept the same.

The dynamics of the game such as levels, levels of difficulty, multi-player options, music, graphics will stay same from play to play. Because of many unpredictabilities and the characteristics of the game I would only keep the two main characters, other characters as friends and neighbors of Mr and Mrs Smith ill be subtracted. There will be only Mr and Mrs Smith as protagonists and their enemies (other characters that want to destroy them and that protect the hidden box) because it is a game and each game is characterized by fighting and getting to the target without including friends, neighbors, and other irrelevant people in your journey.