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Gary Paulsen was born on May 17, 1939, and today he is 79.  He started to love books at a young age, after the first book he read he feel in love with reading.  He was moved around during his childhood to different places, he didn’t really have the ideal childhood.  One of the best parts of his life is when he gets a dog named Snowball!  Mr. Paulsen experienced many things in his life that many people didn’t.  He once went to the army for a little while.  At a point in his life he was even a teacher, singer, actor, director, and rancher.  Later in his life he realized he wanted to become a full-time writer.  He won many awards for his books!   He lived with his grandmother for his first 7 years of his life, and then when he was 7 he went and lived with his mother.  When he lived with his grandmother and even when he moved with his mom he loved reading.  He would go in the basement and finish an entire book with no interruptions.  His mom and him moved to Manila, Philippines where his dad also lived.  When he was living with his parents he found a dog named Snowball that was going to be sold for meat.  He didn’t like living with his parents because all he heard was his parents argue so when he turned 14 he ran away because he was sick of hearing his parents bicker every day.  When he ran away he worked at a circus and traveled with them.  When Paulsen was about 19 he joined the army for 3 years, but he didn´t really like being in wars, so he left the army.  During his whole life he would wright books here and there but in 1965, when he was 26 he decided he wanted to become a full-time writer. A year after he decided he wanted to become a full-time writer he published his first book that was titled “The Special War.”  Later Paulsen attended the University of Colorado.  In 1983, he competed in the Iditarod sled dog race in Nome, Alaska.  Two years later he competed again.  He wrote a very popular book called “Hatchet. ” There were 4 books to the “Hatchet” series.  Many actually almost all of his books were based on his own life.  Hatchet was one of the books that were from his life.  Many of his books took years to write so they would be perfect to publish, but it only took him four months to write “Hatchet.”  Even though books might just be interesting for people to read, “Hatchet” actually helped a boy survive when he was stranded. In 1990, he suffered a heart attack, which then forced him to retire from racing dog sleds.  Even though he wasn’t able to dog sled he was still continued to write books.  He wrote over 200 books and 200 short stories.  He won his second Newbery Honor Award for “The Winter Room.”  In 1993, he moved to New Mexico and published more books.  His target was for teenagers to read his books.  Durning his life he had 3 kids with his wife Ruth.  To this day he continues to write books that his wife illustrates.   Gary Paulsen is huge dog lover and he had many dogs, unfortunately died.  He writes books for teens to read and enjoy.  His stories are parts of his life that really happened.