Gender Biography

I used to play tennis, basketball, chess, hide and seek, and volleyball with my friend in childhood. The traits, qualities, and skills each game referenced foster on to think and act accordingly. The way of focusing helps to improve the concentration while playing any game. For instance, chess requires thinking and applying the knowledge, whereas tennis, basketball and volleyball need strength, energy, skills and speed. It encourages the ability to think and act accordingly within a few second of time, which in turn is useful in daily life whether in ex am or at workplace.

Cricket was originally man-dominated game, where only boys are supposed to be involved, but in childhood we all girls as a team, decided to play with boys in order to prove that girls can do it. Initially, we discouraged by cricket because it requires strength and determination in one’s thinking. It helps in focusing on the ball and strengthens the ability to run fast. If I belong to different gender, I would have got access to this game or activity since this game involves male. If I belong to different gender, I probably might have not been discriminated or told that girls are not supposed to play cricket.

Tennis was my favorite game. At the age of 13, my friend and me every day used to go to yard and play tennis after the tuition at 7 pm used. At that time the schools were long from 8 am to 5 pm, after that I used to have tuition from 5:30 pm to 7 pm, so the only time I could spend time playing tennis was after 7pm. I was so in to it that I would never realize how the time passed by. I always used to think “I wish this time never ends, I wish, I play tennis throughout and not even time could stop me. I used to play sports with girls and boys because during school days we used to have mini class on sports where all girls and boys should play together any kind of sports assigned by the teacher. The sports sometimes became exclusive to one gender for example basketball. None of the girls could defeat the boys since they go so wild and crazy about wining and taking the ball from us. There were few girls who were tall and we all girls could depend on those few of them. Yes, this changed the sports in notable way because the game goes in favor of boys.

There was deemed necessary to separate girls and boys because to see who does better and to whom game favors. This change altered my experience in terms of looking on a particular sports were always male are dominant in one way or the other. As a result of this experience the one thing that I learnt about my gender is girls are always underestimated but eventually they are the only one who play important role in everyday’s life. In terms of opposite gender, they are always consider to be dominant in society or any where we go, whether it is sports, work, or family but it is said that “with every successful man there is a woman behind him. I was definitely encouraged in my childhood to play sports.

One of the most favorable sports that I liked was skating. I was never discouraged from playing skating. Skating is type of activity which can be used in many ways: balancing, control on our self, can be used in ice skating, and dancing. I was 8 yrs old when I started seeing my friends go to skating so ultimately I was encouraged and told my parents about this. Within few hours they contacted the instructor and assigned the days for which I can start my training. Due to my parents active involvement with my sport it eventually brought encouragement inside me to do something.

Within few days I was under the instructor’s training and found myself one of the lucky ones to experience this advantage. As a result I learnt that skating is not only for boys but girls are as equal as boys. Girls can achieve what they want in their lives by working effectively and building self confidence. In terms of opposite gender, being a male is equally important as being a female. There is no discrimination against skating between male or female. There are many flashbacks in my life where I experienced some sort of fear and happiness. I am tremendously scared of heights and darkness.

At the age of 10, my father’s best friend’s family and our family planned a water park picnic. My father’s best friend’s family had two sons whereas in my family I was the only child. They all decided to seat in roller coaster whereas I refused it. My father’s best friend suggested nothing was going to happen since he will be sitting with children. With that hope I agreed and went on to the roller coaster. At first it was ok since it wasn’t too high, but as soon as it reached top and with a high speed came down, I started getting irritation and noxious. I started screaming to get out of the roller coaster.

The roller coaster was stopped and I came down and was seeing others enjoying. Later on the two sons came and teased me by representing me as a coward. I was feeling disappointed as I never got chance to sit on any games that were too high due to my fear. One thing I definitely learned was the discrimination is seen from early childhood and is lifelong. The fact that boys are to be certain way and girls are supposed to be certain way begins from beginning of childhood. As a result of this experience I learnt that girls can express their feelings in many forms it can be in the form of the fear or the anxiety.

Whereas boys always tend to hide and neglect the inner feelings or fear of some sort of thing in life. I wasn’t called a Tomboy or as “like a boy”. I was called a tough kid when I was 13 yrs old. The situation was somewhat like this: we were in Hyderabad, India and I was in my 7thgrade studying in P. Obul Reddy Public School. This time was around rainy season and the floors of the hallway were kind of slippery. It was 1pm and my social studies class was about dismiss. I got up and took the permission from teacher to use the restroom.

As I was getting out of the class, I knew that floors are slippery as a result, I was walking slowly down the stairs. Suddenly, I looked back while going down the stairs so as to see my friend who was calling me. As soon as I looked back I lost one step and fell from the stairs which led to sprain in my right leg. I did not notice until I was walking and feeling slight pain in my leg. I spent whole day and as soon as the school dismissed at 5 pm I went home and took out my shoes and saw a swollen leg. I yelled in pain and my mom called my dad to make an appointment with a doctor. We went to the doctor and he told me to rest 1 month.

Within this month I had my finals too so there was no question about taking rest. I did really great on my finals even after having this injury. My parents called me a tough kid and told me that in spite of having an injury I did not take my finals leniently. This made me feel that even though a human has two legs, 2 hands, and a proper structure still they complain about their lives, what about those who don’t even have what we as a human have? As a result I learnt that anything is possible in life if we do not think about other things that distracts us and instead focus on what we need do in our life, we will definitely achieve it.

I learnt about opposite gender that if my father would not have taken me to the doctor at the very first moment or if he would not have played a father’s role at that time I would not have been cured. I wasn’t called a “girly girl” but instead I was called a “simple girl. ” This situation was when we had a house rooming party at my house and I called one of my friend and also invited her uncle. My friend who always wears fashionable clothes was told right in front of me by his uncle that I am a “simple girl” and he told her to be like me.

He even told that girl’s personality comes from being as simple as you can. I wore half sleeved shirt and jeans; her uncle told her not to show off too much. This was kind of a strange feeling because I did not want my friend to get disappointed about her clothes. As a result I learnt that not to change yourself for someone else, and be as you were before. This taught me about the opposite gender that they are there to tell their perspective but ultimately it is up to us weather we appreciate the right or wrong perspective.