General wooden teeth there is so much more

General George Washington is a pinnacle in American history. While he may be known for chopping down a cherry tree and having wooden teeth there is so much more to this well known man. Washington helped facilitate the first continental congress which lead him to becoming to our very first president. George Washington is also the highest ranking general in America and will always be, what an amazing accomplishment. Washington is clearly very important to the history of America for a plethora of reasons. George Washington is an extremely revered man that most people in the United States know of. He was our first president and the highest ranking general to ever exist in the US military. Washington was born the eldest of six children on February 22nd, 1732 to Augustine Washington and his second wife Mary Ball Washington on their plantation on Pope’s creek.  Washington’s father died when he was only eleven so he helped his mother manage their plantation, but as he grew into his teenage years he showed an increased aptitude for math which shot him into a lucrative career as a surveyor. His surveying career eventually helped him gain enough money to start buying land of his own in Virginia. In 1751 Washington’s brother Lawrence who was very dear to him contracted tuberculosis and was sent to Barbados for treatment so he could heal in a warmer climate; however shortly after he arrived he came down with smallpox but he survived with only a few facial scars to tell the story. All of these varied experiences that Washington went through in his younger years really shaped him into the man that would later become an unrivaled military general and the first president in America. After becoming commander of the Virginia militia in 1752 and eventually joining the house of burgesses Washington went home to Mount Vernon and his wife, Martha Dandridge Custis. As the 1760’s progressed Washington began to feel the effects of the taxes that were being imposed on American colonists by their mother country, England. He believed that it was best for the colonists to seek independence from England and ultimately form their own nation, this is what encouraged Washington to travel to Philadelphia as a delegate in the first continental congress of 1774. By the time the continental congress got a chance to meet again a year later the American revolution was in full force and Washington was expressly named commander of the continental army. Throughout the war Washington showed that his talent was really keeping morale up and banding men together for one uniform cause. After a grueling eight years the war cease and Washington was named a national hero for his success and deliverance of independence. As years passed Washington was in retreat at his Mount Vernon home feeling that he had done his duty but he was far from done. In 1787 Washington was asked to attend the constitutional convention in Philadelphia to discuss creating a new draft of the constitution and essentially create the framework for American government. His impressive leadership at the conference is what convinced all the other attendees that he should become the first president of the united states. George Washington was pivotal in the creation of our modern government and the overall history of the united states. I would say that Washington is A; very significant due to his contributions as a general, delegate, and president. Washington is obviously extremely significant because almost everyone in America has at least heard his name, and even back in his day everyone one knew of him without cell phones or the internet. His many roles in and contributions to our country has made him truly immortalized. In conclusion, George Washington is an extremely key figure in American history. He’s truly done it all, been a president, a delegate, a general only to name a few of his accomplishments. Washington was a generous man and wasn’t power hungry like those who surrounded him which can serve as a lesson to us all.