Genre poetry

Imagery, another major type of poetic language, is the use of language that captures your imagination by appalling to your senses. Effective imagery engages your sense of sight, touch, taste, smell, or hearing.

Rhythm and rhyme
Understanding the literary techniques of rhythm and rhyme can also help you appreciate poetry.

Rhythm or meter
Rhythm, or meter, refers to the “beat” of a poem. Like songs, some poems have a regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. Rhythm gives poetry and smooth, moving sound.

One popular meter is iambic pentameter, the rhythmic pattern that shakespeare used in his sonnets. Iambic pentameter has “5” five beats, or stressed syllables, per line of poetry. One line of poetry written in iambic pentameter has a total of ten syllables. Each unstressed syllables is followed by a stressed syllables.



Three main types of poetry
Lyrics, dramatic, narrative.

Two main types of poetry
Rhymed and free verse

Rhymed poetry
Has a definite beat, or rhythm, and often the ending word rhyme.

Free verse
Has no rigid rhyming scheme and no fixed beat.

Blank verse
Blank verse is rarely used anymore, but famous writers such as William Shakespeare and John Milton use it often.

Ballad. Many songs are in ballad form.

The word that have the same vowel sounds is called assonance. E.

g, know, grow, colder, older.

The stringing of several words together that have the same beginning sound. E.g, “b”eautiful, “b”ouncing, “b”aby, “B”ertha.

Use alliteration. The letter “b” repeated 4 times.

The repetition of vowel sound is called? “assonance.

The repetition of final consonant sound is called? “alliteration. “

Assonance and alliteration

Rhyme and free verse
This are the two main types of poetry.

Blank verse
Is rarely used anymore but is an important type of poetry.

Ballad poetry
Three ways to identify ballad: it tell a story; it has four lines; it use rhyming words.

Dramatic poetry
Similar to ballad because it tells a story. However, dramatic poetry is similar to a play. Dramatic poems have action and dialogue, which is another word for people taking.

Lyrics poetry
Is the most popular type of poetry for both writers and readers today. It express the thought and feeling of the poet.