Global failed to show that Arctic ice being

warming or climate change was reported by scientists in the 1990’s, starting
movements like reduce, reuse, and recycle. In the end, this helped us
become less wasteful, and more careful of what we use, which isn’t a bad thing,
but global warming or any other name it is given isn’t happening.

2013, William Teach wrote an article about the fact that there hasn’t been any
global warming since 1997, which makes it 16 years. This report
says that the Earth is not now in a warm period, and has a natural cycle. The
Earth will get cool, then it will become warm, and repeat. This claim to global
warming is a natural phase the Earth goes through, not a phenomenon that we
need to fix.

scientists use the Arctic ice capes as evidence of global warming, but they
failed to show that Arctic
ice being up 50% since 2012. Since the Earth was in a warming period, the
ice naturally melted, and is now refreezing. There is limited evidence to
suggest that a few decades ago, there was less ice than there is today, but the
same people who thought the drop in ice was noteworthy should also agree that
the increase is important as well.

There is also no
scientific consensus that global warming is occurring. If the word consensus is
looked up in a dictionary it means general agreement, but if
there was a general
agreement about global warming among scientists than there wouldn’t be a “Global
Warming Petition Project” with more than 31,000 scientist signatures on it, and
9,029 of them have a PhD. “There are tens of thousands of
well-educated, mainstream scientists who do not agree that global warming is
occurring at all and people who share their opinion are taking a position grounded
in science.”

“The Environmentalists and Democrats
often cite a “97 percent” consensus among climate scientists about global
warming. But they never cite estimates that 95 percent of climate models
predicting global temperature rises have been wrong,” was written by Michael Bastasch
in 2014 for “The Daily Caller.” Meaning that scientists were making assumptions
about how much impact different factors would have.  They guessed how much of a change there would
be and then they projected changes over time.

Warming isn’t happening, it is the natural heating and cooling cycle that the
Earth goes through. There is no consensus among scientists, the figures are
wrong, there hasn’t been any warming since 1997, and ice is up in the Arctic
since 2012. This doesn’t give us the right to be wasteful and not keep the
Earth clean, but the Earth is able to take care of its self; as evident by the
hole in the ozone layer is smaller now.