Gold with 24k is rarely used in gold

Gold are very popular as ornaments and decoration in the lives of every human. Jewelries and metalwork like gold cuff links are said to be the second great use of gold. Gold comes from the Latin word “aurum”. It is known as one of the most attractive and highly valued jewelry.Gold cuff links symbolize a value for ages. They serve as a usual beacon for adventurers and for someone who wants to explore everything. Gold cuff links come in different colors. There is yellow gold cuff links wherein gold is combined with copper and silver. Yellow gold cuff links are the common type of color used in jewelry. The yellow color in our gold cuff links depends upon the gold content put into it. Gold cuff links with 24k is rarely used in gold cuff links. 24k gold cuff links means 100% of pure gold content used in this kind of cuff links.The 18 karat gold cuff links is a deeper yellow color appearance than the 14 karat gold cuff links while the 14 karat gold cuff links appear in a brighter yellow color than the 10 karat gold cuff links and so on.  White gold cuff links is the byproduct of gold mixed with nickel, palladium alloy, zinc, copper, or sometimes with rhodium. Nowadays, people prefer to have white gold because of its cool look.Rose gold cuff links can be achieved by alloying yellow gold and copper while green gold cuff links are the combination of silver, copper, zinc, and yellow gold.Gold cuff links can also alloyed to other metals like silver, palladium, copper and even platinum to be able to increase the strength because pure gold is soft in texture. Gold cuff links can be in plain styles and sometimes combines with gemstones like sapphires, rubies, garnet, emeralds and etc.Many royal leaders use the gold cuff links in their state ceremonies. Others use it in spiritual or religious purposes. People are fascinated with gold cuff links because of its characteristics of malleability, purity, rarity, and durability.  Many of us invest their money in buying gold cuff links because its value never depreciates even many years pass by. We can make it as a gift to our beloved ones to express our love for gold expresses love. We can make it as a gift to ourselves. Gold cuff links are usually stored in leather or wood casing. It is important to learn proper storage of our gold cuff links to avoid knocks. As much as possible, wrap your gold cuff links in soft cloth and put them in their leather or wood case.Gold cuff links when handled with care it can last a lifetime. We can give it to our children and grandchildren. We need to learn some tips to maintain the beauty of our gold cuff links. Even gold cuff links are durable and lasting, it can also be prone to scratches. We need to be careful in our movement and remove our gold cuff links in any type of activities that can scratch our gold cuff links.Gold cuff links must avoid chemicals such as chlorine because it can weaken our jewelry. We must remove our gold cuff links when we go into swimming and Jacuzzis because gold cuff links when exposed repeatedly, it leads into breakage. When we buy gold cuff links we must always pay attention to check it of scratches and knocks. We must also have an idea of how many gold contents are into in our gold cuff links.