Google users. This system includes features that the


Google on
the other hand, is a business model that focuses on the internet and the web.

It started off as one of many search engines on the web. Google has also
developed extensive online advertising services for businesses of all sizes.

The company values their users and provides them to use an inexpensive,
flexible infrastructure to speed up web searches and provide their uses with
different web-based services and tools.


Apple is
the leader in the mobile software applications with more than 2miilion apps for
mobile and tablet devices. Apple thrives on its legacy of innovation and they
proved that as they unveiled the many devices they have promoted and the
potentially market-disrupting Siri.


Facebook is
a social network business that has been growing over the years. The company has
more users in the world than any other company. The Facebook platform allows
developers to build different applications and websites integrating Facebook to
reach its global network of users and build personalized and social products.


created the Android Mobile operating system for non- Apple users. This system
includes features that the Apple devices don’t have. For example, opening
multiple apples at the same time, and multitasking. Google does a great job as
they have successfully created its search results to respond to mobile
searchers needs and accommodate smartphone functionality. Mobile computing
allows the company to improve their systems and win against their competition.


being the leader, holds more than one million apps for users to download. They
have even released Siri a combination of search, navigation, and personal
assistant tools. Without mobile computing, the company wouldn’t be able to
expose this feature to their buyers as well as competing against their


realized that most of their profits come from advertising revenue that comes
from mobile device searches. As a result, Facebook decides to implement
sponsored stories in order to gain revenue. Facebook created more space on its
page to include bother photos and links to allow users to create topical
streams. By doing so, it allowed advertisers the benefits of reaching out to
their target markets. Facebook also has an application that replaces a typical
smartphone home screen. It turns any android mobile device into a Facebook



computing is not the main point to the internet. More users spend their time
online using mobile devices. Mobile devices uses cloud computing to anyone with
a smartphone and internet connectivity. Apple implemented the software Siri as an
attempt to compete with Google, along with search, navigation, and personal
assistant app. Siri uses Wolfram Alpha for information, and uses Google Search
only when all else fails. Facebook is also attempting to crease a search
feature as a rival to Google’s search. Facebook focuses on user-generated data
and delivers results based on “likes” and “friend recommendations”. Facebook
may be a good place for communication and such, but it is a battle in its
efforts to convince their users to trust in their Facebook activities.


I feel that
the companies like Google has the biggest possibility to dominate the internet.

The reason to that is because, Google currently has the major share of the
web-based advertising market. As comparison, apple had a significant lead in
mobile computing for several years, and Facebook and other market would be a
major threat to Google. However, Google has the potential to dominate the
internet as the company has lots of innovated technology available to the company.

Not only do they have a searching data base but they also pertain different
products such as android phones, google phones, googles glasses, etc. Users
could get bored of the products that Apple is promoting but Googles actually is
very helpful for long time uses.

currently leads google in number of apps for users. But google is closing the
gap between them with google’s improvements of android operating system and its
encouragement to app developers. Business managers have to forecast which
platform will provide the best choices to their employees. As well as,
consumers must choose which platform will best fulfill their personal needs for
the future. Once a user decides to purchase and adjusts to using a platform,
it’s difficult and expensive to switch to a whole different system.